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What is HND and how it can boost your career growth?

While looking for ways in which students can pursue higher education for career growth, they often come across the term HND. Many a time, they are unaware of what it is and how can it benefit them? Is it worth pursuing at all?

Here’s a detailed guideline that will help you understand what HND is, so that you’ll be able to decide whether you should go for it or not:

What is HND?

HND is a higher education qualification that is only available in a few international nations. HND tasks have been designed with the workplace in mind.

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a qualification that prepares students for a certain job and/or career by combining academic and practical elements. The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a level 5 qualification. Students can apply for an HND by contacting their institution or university directly and filling out an application. It’s a vocational certification that suits all kinds of people, from HND engineering to HND photography, HND business management to HND computer, and it’s available in a variety of specialties.

240 credit hours are assigned for an HND. That’s the equivalent of two-thirds of an undergraduate degree. It’s a vocational certification that suits all kinds of people.

From HND engineering to HND photography, HND business management to HND computer, and it’s available in a variety of specialties. Students can apply for an HND by contacting their institution or university directly and filling out an application.

While HND is mostly about practical skills, nonetheless, written communication is also a part of it. Written communication is the most chosen alternate form of communication and never fails to serve the purpose. Students who face any sort of difficulty while doing HND often take HND assignment help from professional academic services available online.

When can a student apply for HND? And who should apply for it?

Students often complete an HND after completing college and before enrolling in university if they plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Many students come to the HND from full-time employment because it is a work-based certification.

An HND can be pursued by students who have completed their A-Levels or equivalent. They are ideal for persons who want to learn by doing. An HND program in electrical engineering, for example, will appeal to practical types.

In terms of academic level, an HND is equivalent to a foundation degree or the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree.

A higher national diploma normally takes two to four years to complete (full-time or part-time), and is usually finished part-time. It’s roughly the same as the first two years of university.

Completing an HND might provide a speedier and more direct path into a certain industry or career for people who know exactly what they want to do.

HND courses are highly recognized by businesses and employers, and they are ideal for students who want to become more experienced along with their studies. Studying at the HND level can help you advance in your profession and prepare you for university life.

Benefits of doing HND

The HND is a well-respected certification in and of itself, and it can help you gain confidence, specific knowledge, and important skills. An HND can help you advance in your job by teaching you the exact skills you’ll need to succeed.

They can also give you a taste of higher education without requiring you to commit to a full degree. If you enjoy your HND, you can continue it at university, with many programs accepting students in their last year of study. You might work for a while before deciding to apply your HND credits toward an undergraduate degree. There’s no need to haste.

Subjects that you can study in HND

In a Higher National Diploma, you can study subjects like agriculture, business, engineering, electrical engineering, computing, performing arts, photography, construction and civil engineering, hospitality management, health and social care, and sport and exercise sciences.

Students who want to become teachers often do PGCE which is similar to HND but more specific. PGCE is a higher education course of one or two years which gives special training so that graduates could become teachers within specific schools. If you are pursuing any such program and having difficulty in completing its written work then you can always seek PGCE assignment help available online.

How will HND boost your career?

  • HND improves what you’ve learned and gives you more time to use what you’ve learned in the workplace. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to develop some valuable connections that could come in handy in the future.
  • You might choose to enter your selected career immediately after completing your HND qualification or after the final year, depending on the needs and demands of possible employers.
  • Holding an HND might also help you stand out in interviews by allowing you to talk more about your practical abilities and experience. That real-world, applicable experience will be valued and appreciated by employers and organizations. You can even mention how the technical skills and experience you gained during the training relate to your chosen industry.
  • HNDs place a greater emphasis on skill development and practice. Employers and organizations nowadays prefer candidates who have a solid understanding of the specific skills required to perform the job rather than those who have a theoretical understanding of the abilities, which are typically taught through degrees. Studies have shown that it is very important to focus on skills critical to business and finance occupations.
  • Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with these skills and knowledge, and they will be compensated accordingly. Previously, the majority of people thought it was vital to finish either a vocational or a formal degree. However, this is no longer the case with a modern HND. Hence your earning potential will also increase.


For all the above-mentioned reasons, HND is gaining more and more attention of students each day.

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