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What is a shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy can treat different injuries and pathologies.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique. The surgeon uses an arthroscope to insert the scope into the shoulder through a small incision. Many associate the arthroscope to a video screen within the working room. Inspect all the tissues of the bear joint within the region over the joint. These tissues incorporate cartilage, bones, ligaments, and ligaments. Repair any harmed tissue. To do this, the specialist makes 1 to 3 littler cuts through which he embeds other rebellious. It repairs a tear in a muscle, ligament, or cartilage. Any damaged tissue is removed.

This process may be done one or more times during the surgery.

We can treat different injuries and pathologies with a shoulder arthroscopy. These are the foremost visit and how they we settle them:

Rotator Cuff Repair:

When the surgery intends to repair the rotator cuff, the surgeon will try to bring the edges of the muscles together and attach the tendon to the bone with sutures.

The stays can be made of metal or plastic and we don’t have to evacuate them after surgery.

Surgery for impingement syndrome:

When surgery indicates a shoulder impingement instead, with damages or inflame tissue in the area above the shoulder joint we have to clean it out. We use the same process for knee arthroscopy also.

We can cut a tendon with the name coracoacromial tendon. A bone tumor (spur) in the lower part of the acromion usually causes impingement syndrome. The spur can cause inflammation and pain in the shoulder.

Surgery for shoulder instability:

The glenoid labrum is the cartilage that lines the edge of the shoulder joint.

We repair also the ligaments that connect to this area.

Bankart’s injury is a tear in the glenoid labrum at the bottom of the man’s joint.

A superior glenoid labrum anteroposterior (SLAP) injury compromises the glenoid labrum and the ligament at the top of the shoulder joint.

At the conclusion of the surgery of shoulder arthroscopy, the cuts will close with fastens and secure with a dressing (gauze).

Arthroscopy allows the inside of the shoulder to be seen using a microcamera; It is a minimally invasive technique.

Usueally we prescribe shoulder arthroscopy for bear issues such as:
  • A torn or harmed cartilage ring (labrum) or biceps tendon
  •     Evaluation and treatment of instability.
  •    A torn rotator cuff
  •     shoulder stiffness
  •     Subacromial decompression
  •     Arthritis of the end of the clavicle.
  •     frozen shoulder
  •     Disposal of loose bodies
  •     Debridement/drainage of shoulder joint infection
shoulder arthroscopy
shoulder arthroscopy

When is it indicated to undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

We need shoulder surgery especially when an injury endures or due to the appearance of degenerative pathology that has to do with age.

Sometimes dislocations of the past or clavicular dysfunctions evolve negatively, producing pain and loss of functionality in the shoulder.

Degeneration due to the passage of time is another indication for shoulder surgery, although it is not the most frequent. We usually associate it with pain in the rotator cuff tendons that begins with a simple tendinitis of the shoulder.

This rotator cuff wear appears with friction, like a rope against a rock. When it evolves, it can end up producing fractures.

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