What does CKYC Mean for FD Investors in India?

There has been a rise in financial fraud with FD Investors so it’s more important than ever for financial companies to keep an accurate record of their clients to track any unusual activity. CKYC regulations help in ensuring transparent client onboarding and monitoring fraudulent activities. It enables you to get a better sense of the customer.

CKYC (Central Know Your Customer) has taken the place of KYC (Know Your Customers). In the past, there were multiple forms of KYC for different businesses. However, with the incorporation of CKYC, the customer no longer has to go through a repetitive KYC process with all the institutions.

Once the Central KYC is complete, you are good to go for all future profile verification. It has taken away a lot of stress from the investors(FD Investors). 

To open a simple FD, one has to verify CKYC, and a fixed deposit interest calculator is used to calculate the returns. Fixed deposit interest calculator is an online tool available on various websites.

What does CKYC stand for?

The Government of India, Central Know Your Customer or CKYC, aims to have a single place where all customers’ personal information is kept or stored. Earlier, each financial company had a separate KYC. However, CKYC makes it easier to combine all other parts of the KYC process into a single platform.

Once the central KYC is verified, the individual won’t repeat the same process for future investments in different financial companies. After that, all of the data is stored digitally on a single server in a single place. This information is available to all financial institutions to see. The financial institution can use this data for customer verification.

CKYC, which stands for Central KYC, is the government’s project that aims to bring together all of the financial firms’ KYC processes under one roof. Under the CKYC standard, individual investors must meet specific KYC rules.

How does CKYC work?

If you want to invest in the stock market or mutual funds, you’ll first have to complete the CKYC process. When you contact a fund house to invest, they will ask you to fill out a KYC form and show them proof of your identity. These papers are sent to CERSAI, and a unique 14-digit number is assigned to each individual. If you want to invest in another mutual fund company, you won’t have to send in any documents. By sharing your CKYC number with the mutual fund company, you’ll have to show them your papers. CKYC makes it easy and stress-free for you to buy and sell things(FD Investors).

How to Find Your CKYC Number?

Following these steps will let you check your CKYC number with a lot of different financial service companies:

  • Go to the website of any financial services company that sells CKYC checks.
  • Fill in your PAN here.
  • A security code will be available on your screen. Type in the security code.
  • Your CKYC number will be available on the screen.

Advantages of CKYC

  • The CKYC registry makes it easy for financial institutions to ensure authentic documents.
  • A new financial business doesn’t need to know about you before making money with them. You don’t have to do this every time.
  • They can change their information in the CKYC registration if they want.
  • The CKYC number is used to buy or invest in a wide range of financial products, such as insurance policies, mutual funds, and stock markets, all of which can be purchased or sold.

CKYC helps an investor buy mutual funds or any other type of financial product.

Once the CKYC verification process is complete, the investor doesn’t have to do it again with another fund company.

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