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What can I do spending Christmas Day in Paris?

French people like to get their presents early, and children around the 18th century would have to wait a while until they discovered the real secret. To keep warm, the servants were given straw and used to conceal them by the fire, topped with sugar, spice cake crumbs, or fine flour mix. To keep the suspense alive, children wore masks to cover their faces. This tradition is known as Masqueottes (masqueraders).

The poinsettia, or “folle-avoine”, became a well-known Christmas plant. It has replaced the laurel branches of ancient Rome seasonings. This was when Christians tried to mix with non-Christians during Saturnalia gifts. Some Christians tried to suppress this tradition, but this public display of unity was a embarrassment. As Christmas became more popular, it was merged with other traditions, such as the exchange of gifts and celebrations of birthdays.

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Memory to keep alive “Christmas day in Paris”

Christmas Day is a day when you can spend time with your family, go to church and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas. But if you are in Paris and would like to spend this day in a different way, here are some things you can do:

  • Visit a Christmas market – there are plenty of them in Paris. You can find typical French food, drinks, decorations and souvenirs. You will also get to see the traditional Christmas tree and listen to carols or watch performers.
  • Take a walk on the Champs-Élysées – this boulevard will be decorated with lights and has plenty of shops that will be open on Christmas Day. You can also see the Arc de Triomphe which is lit up at night during wintertime.
  • Go ice skating – there are many ice skating rinks in Paris where you can rent skates for a low price or even just wear your own shoes!

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Christmas market

The Christmas market in Paris is one of the most popular winter destinations for tourists. It is a perfect place to buy gifts for loved ones back home, or to simply enjoy the festive atmosphere.

What makes it so special?

First of all, it’s on the Champs-Élysées, which is one of the most famous streets in Paris and a popular tourist destination in its own right.

Secondly, there are plenty of food stalls with delicious treats such as hot chestnuts and mulled wine, as well as a range of crafts and souvenirs available to buy.

Finally, there are lots of Christmas trees decorated with lights and baubles which provide an enchanting backdrop for the market.

What’s the best way to get there?

The market is within walking distance of several metro stations and it’s a fantastic venue for exploring Paris on foot.

The market offers many different types of food and drinks. You can find traditional French hot wine and mulled wine, as well as many other types of beverages and snacks. If you are interested in buying souvenirs, you can find a variety of gifts such as ornaments, candles, decorations for your tree and even Christmas trees!

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Best time to visit France

France is a country with diverse landscapes and cultures. From the north to the south, there are many things to experience. The best time to visit France depends on what you want to see and do.

The most popular time for visitors is during summer because of its long days and warm weather. This is also when the country’s festivals take place. If you want to enjoy the countryside, autumn or spring might be a better choice as it will be less crowded and more pleasant weather-wise.

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