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What are the Top 5 App Ideas for Startup On-Demand Businesses?

Top 5 App Ideas for Startup On-Demand

Do you want to develop an app that can generate good revenue and gain a high customer base? Before moving further, you must ask yourself specific questions to define your app idea(on-demand app development company).

Such questions are 

  • What is your inspiration for your app idea? 
  • Do you have a dream app in mind?

We understand that finding an app idea can be a challenging task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top app ideas for startups.

What are the Popular Mobile App Ideas?

Healthcare & Fitness Apps Like Google Fit

With the passing of time, it is getting challenging to maintain health. Most smartphone users use some type of healthcare and fitness app to monitor their daily health, whether it is a fitness tracker app, period tracker, medicine reminder, or pregnancy app. Thus, the use of mobile healthcare apps is rising with time.

One of the well-known examples in the healthcare & fitness app category is Google Fit. So, you can study this app’s features and tech stacks to understand its process and develop a similar application.

Video Chat App Like Houseparty and Skype

Other essential apps that are most popular are the video chat apps like Houseparty and Skype. After the lockdown during the pandemic, the demand for such apps skyrocketed.

These are the best app ideas that are well-known for professional use, such as virtual interviews, meetings, etc. At the same time, these apps are popular for connecting with your friends and families over virtual calls. Therefore, the need for such apps is not going anywhere anytime soon.

eLearning App Like Byju’s

As we have mentioned, the lockdown has given rise to video chatting apps, and the same goes for eLearning apps. There is a massive demand for online courses nowadays. Consequently, eLearning apps are becoming increasingly popular.

There are several interactive features in the eLearning apps that you can integrate into your app, such as assessments, in-app messages, push notifications, live classes, etc.

Wellness App Like Calm

People are getting more aware of mental health these days. Consequently, Wellness apps like Calm are in high demand for app development for startups. If developing a wellness & meditation app is on your list, you can look for the features like:

  • Food analysis
  • Sleep tracker
  • Wearables devices compatibility 
  • Journals
  • Analytics
  • Live classes

On-Demand Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats

Over the years, on-demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats are gaining a huge user base with over 66 million active users. Therefore, you can take food delivery apps as the inspiration for on-demand app development solutions.

Make sure to embed interactive features like GPS tracking, in-app messaging, and push notifications that can make your user’s life much more manageable and enhance user experience.


We hope this blog helped you incubate revenue-generating and result-oriented app ideas for your business. No matter what type of app idea you have, it is necessary to give it a proper execution. After finalizing the app idea, you can start visualizing and outlining the product development roadmap.

Also, ensure the on-demand app development company you hire must share the same vision as you.

Keep a budget aside for your app idea and select a company that falls under that range and fulfills all your project requirements & needs for developing an app.

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