What Are The Three Different Kinds Of Franchise Contracts?

To begin operating as a franchise, you will always be required to sign a franchise agreement. This contract grants you the ability to run a company using the brand or trademark of your franchisor. 

On the other hand, not all franchise agreements are built the same way. You will discover how to start a franchise by reading this article, which will also explain the three primary forms of franchise agreements.

What Exactly Is an Agreement to Franchise a Business?

An individual can operate a business and sell products or services connected with another corporation’s trademark by signing a contract known as a franchise agreement. 

The franchise agreement spells out the terms of the relationship between the parent company, which is sometimes called the franchisor, and the people who run each location, who are called franchisees.

The franchise agreement tells the franchisee precisely what responsibilities are his or hers and gives them essential information, such as:

  • The costs associated with franchising
  • The duration of the terms of the agreement
  • Assistance with operations

Because a franchise agreement is a legal contract, you need to know what it is meant to do and what rights it gives you.

1. Franchise Master Agreement

Under the terms of a master franchise agreement, an existing franchisee is given the authority to award additional franchises to prospective business owners in some regions of the country. 

This type of franchisee is referred to as a “master franchisee,” and they are legally required to do the following things:

  • They offer assistance and support of various kinds to franchisees located within the region.
  • Take charge of the expansion of the territory by the development timetable.

Maintain and manage franchised companies within the area. 

2. Area Representative Agreement (Area Director’s Agreement)

The following kind of franchise agreement is called an “area representative agreement,” while it’s possible to alternatively call it an “area director agreement” or an “area franchise agreement.” 

In contrast to the master franchise agreement, the area representative agreement does not allow for the granting or signing of individual franchise agreements. 

However, there is a possibility that they will perform certain restricted functions on behalf of their franchisor. As an example, you may assist the franchise fact with its marketing plan or assist other franchisees in the region. There is a positive side to taking on these additional obligations.

3. Agreement on Area Development

The franchisee is considered an area developer if an area development agreement has been reached. This means they are willing to open and run a certain number of franchises within the given territory.

Area developers are required to pay additional franchise fees. Nevertheless, these costs give the area developers exclusive rights to open additional stores in the region. 

Find a Franchise Opportunity That Suits Your Needs.

Because there are many different ways to approach franchising, it is essential to locate a business model congruent with your aspirations and your way of life. 

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