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What Are The Different Ways To Use Windows 10/11 SOCKS5 Proxy Settings?

A proxy server called SOCKS5 can mask your IP address and give you online anonymity.

Users can utilize it to get around Internet filters, and access banned content. By adjusting the system settings that come with Windows 10, you can use the proxy settings. Alternatively, you can set up third-party applications like Shadowsocks or a VPN that supports SOCKS5.

Although Windows 10 has built-in SOCKS5 proxy settings, there are more ways to configure it on your computer. Discover how.

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 Why should you use SOCKS5? What is it?

The most recent SOCKS version is SOCKS5. SOCKS5 offers more security and authentication options than its predecessors, including SOCKS4.

  • Circumvent Internet blocks to access sites restricted to your valid IP address
  • Utilize web-enabled programs that respond to different request types, such as HTTP and HTTPS for web surfing, POP3 and SMTP for email, and FTP (torrent and other peer-to-peer clients).
  • Use UDP and TCP to speed up and strengthen your Internet connection.
  • Reduce the faults brought on by the rewritten data packet headers to increase performance.
  • Reduce the size of the data being transferred to accelerate downloads in P2P clients and torrenting.

How can I utilize Windows 10’s SOCKS5 proxy settings?

  • Windows manual SOCKS5 proxy configuration
  • Select Internet Options under Control Panel.
  • Opt for the Connections tab.
  • Navigate to LAN settings.
  • You should enable the LAN proxy server.
  • Set the Bypass proxy server for local addresses option to active.
  • Using the same proxy server for all protocols is disabled.
  • Enter the SOCKS5 proxy’s server address and port at socks.
  • Remove all files from HTTP, Secure, and FTP.
  • To apply, click OK.

Windows 10 allows you to configure SOCKS5 proxy settings without needing to install additional software. Additionally, the configuration applies to all Internet-connected software programs, not simply your web browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Install Firefox on Windows 10 by downloading it.
  • To access the Options menu, click the button.
  • To access Network Settings, scroll down to the General tab.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Opt for Manual proxy configuration.
  • Set SOCKS5 Host and Port to the SOCKS5 proxy’s server address and port.
  • Choose SOCKS5 v5.
  • Select OK.

How do I use the SOCKS5 proxy on Chrome?

The procedure is pretty identical to Chrome:

  • On the menu button, click.
  • Choose settings.
  • Choose System from the menu.
  • Select Open Proxy Settings on your machine.
  • Input the address for your proxy server as indicated in the first solution.

Firefox is your best option if you’d instead use a web browser with a SOCKS5 proxy than the complete computer. You can use any other browser for direct Internet connections while using Firefox for SOCKS5.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera, Firefox is one of the few online browsers with customizable proxy settings.

Installing a Firefox extension like FoxyProxy will allow you to switch SOCKS5 proxy servers frequently.


  • Check out the Shadowsocks page.
  • Download Windows 10/11’s most recent version.
  • Run the executable file after unzipping the archive.
  • Set the SOCKS5 proxy’s IP address, port, and password.
  • Select OK.
  • Elect “right-click” on the Shadowsocks systray icon.
  • Choose Global under System Proxy.

For use with SOCKS5 proxy settings, Shadowsocks is a You can easily install SOCKS5 proxy client on Windows 10. It may be easily customized, enabled, and disabled while running the systray.

In addition, Shadowsocks offers several encryption techniques to compensate for SOCKS5’s lack of one, including 256-bit AES military-grade encryption.


Get uTorrent for your Windows computer.

  • Launch the torrent client after installation.
  • Pick Preferences from the Options menu after opening it.
  • Access Connection.
  • Select Socks5 as the proxy server type.
  • Set Proxy and Port to the SOCKS5 proxy’s server address and port.
  • Tap Apply.

To hide your IP address and safeguard your genuine identity in the torrent swarm, you can configure SOCKS5 proxy settings directly in a torrent client for Windows 10 and other operating systems.

Access to a private internet

  • Become a member of a PIA subscription plan.
  • Download and set up PIA on your computer.
  • Go to Settings by selecting the PIA symbol in the system tray.
  • Enter the Proxy tab.
  • Click Configure after selecting Shadowsocks and picking a location.
  • Alternately, select SOCKS5 Proxy, Configure and enter the SOCKS5 proxy information.
  • Click the PIA symbol in your system tray.
  • To establish a VPN server connection, press the large power button.

Use a VPN like PIA and a SOCKS5 proxy simultaneously if you want to fake your IP address and encrypt your traffic.

You can connect the VPN server to the second location in Shadowsocks mode to boost privacy and security. It is comparable to a double VPN to maintain connections to two VPN servers simultaneously.

Simply enter a SOCKS5 proxy server’s connection information to use the SOCKS5 proxy mode. It is the custom version of Shadowsocks mode; however, it is a little more complicated.

How is Windows 11 Socks Proxy enabled?

In the first solution, we examined the manual configuration for Windows 11. (Windows 10).

It would be best if you chose a proxy under the Network and Internet tab. It allows you to configure your proxy manually and gives you the option to do so (using a setup script).

To summarise, Windows 10’s built-in system options make it simple to configure SOCKS5 proxy settings.

However, it’s also possible to resort to other methods, like configuring Firefox, uTorrent, or Shadowsocks settings.

But the best solution is to use VPN and SOCKS5 simultaneously with the help of Private Internet Access.

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