What are the different types of leather belts?

Men’s fashion is much more conservative than women’s, so there are not so many ways to diversify the wardrobe of representatives of the strong half of humanity. Leather belts are a small but significant accessory and can be a part of luxury leather goods. It can talk about the status of his owner, as well as his sense of style and ability to present himself. Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of a belt, because it can be handmade leather belts, as well as be able to correctly combine it with trousers, jeans and other clothes.


Before proceeding to the choice, it is worth understanding what types of belts for men are. They can be roughly divided into three main groups. To understand what to focus on, consider each of them.


These are belts with a simple open buckle in gold or silver without decorative elements. They are designed to be worn with dress pants. Their width, as a rule, is in the range of 3-5 cm. Most often they are made of smooth leather in strict shades, namely black, dark gray, brown, coffee or beige.

A leather men’s belt with a classic design is essential for maintaining trousers as well as business ethics. So, if the trousers have loops (holes into which the belt is inserted), they must be worn with a belt.


This group includes all belts worn with casual clothing such as jeans or chinos. These can be leather or fabric models with a smooth, ribbed or embossed surface. There are no strict restrictions on texture, width or color. The buckle can be either simply open or closed with decorative elements.


Even sports trousers or pants often have belt loops. For such models, belts made of fabric or rubberized materials are designed. Their width, as a rule, is about 4-6 cm, the colors can be bright or muted, but more often they are monophonic. The buckle is mostly closed, sometimes with the brand logo.

Leather types.

The most budget option is a leatherette belt. However, it makes sense to purchase such a model only if the belt is hidden under a jacket or jacket and is needed only to support trousers. Leatherette is a rather rough material that quickly loses its appearance.

A more successful material for a men’s belt is eco-leather. It is elastic and wear-resistant, in appearance it is almost indistinguishable from natural. However, if you decide to purchase a beautiful and elegant accessory, choose genuine leather. Its quality, appearance and price largely depend on the type. Consider in detail all types of leather.


Among natural belt materials, pig leather is the cheapest and most popular. Its appearance completely depends on the dressing, the thinner one looks more profitable. Among the shortcomings, one can note its porous structure.

Leather of a bull or a buffalo.

The price of a product made from such leather will be slightly higher than from pork. The material is tough and resistant to wear and tear. Often, buffalo leather is decorated with burning, rivets, and embossing.


Soft and pleasant to the touch leather, while durable. It retains its original appearance for a long time – creases and cracks do not form on calf leather belts. It is often used to imitate expensive exotic leathers such as crocodile or snake leather.

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