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What Are The Biggest Cities in Virginia?

If you’ve lived on the East coast of the U.S. and ever gone on a family vacation, you’ve probably driven through Virginia. But just how big is Virginia? And what cities are the best and biggest? Let’s talk about some cities below.

Virginia Beach

The best feature of almost any state is the beaches if it has any. Landlocked states may have lakes and other just as delightful bodies of water. But nothing really can compare to a beach on the salty, swelling ocean. This area still gets chilly during the winter months, with the temperatures averaging between the 40s and 50s from December to February.

Generally, this doesn’t stop many beach lovers. Some folks just enjoy being near the ocean and they will still visit every day even if there’s a little bit of snow on the sand. This would be a rare site though. The state sees around a total of 6 inches of snow yearly. That’s not much if you’ve come from northern territories. 

If you’re hoping to plan a trip to the beach, it’s going to be best in the summer. That’s a no-brainer. And if you are visiting during peak season, you’ll have to check out the boardwalk. There are 3 miles of boardwalk with food, games, and rides. However, if you’re looking for even more excitement, you can visit the Atlantic Fun Park. After riding the Go-Karts and the Ferris Wheel you can stop at the Cape Henry Light House. 


Not as close to the shore as Virginia Beach, but Chesapeake is located in the eastern part of the state and just a quick drive from the ocean. Chesapeake prides itself on offering residents and visitors a variety of outdoor activities. The area is very proud of its beautiful landscape, waterways, and historical landmarks. You can visit several Revolutionary and Civil War sites in the Chesapeake area.

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If you’re making the move to Virginia, eateries and local cuisine are essential amenities to scope out. You can expect to see a lot of seafood in this area, as you usually find with many cities close to the ocean. There is a large concentration of locally owned restaurants that offer options such as Thai food, bakeries, sushi, and Mexican. 

Hoping to find something for every? Well, don’t worry, Chesapeake has your back. Recreational trails offer a variety of places to hike or bike. If you’re more of a golfer, you can check out the Battlefield Golf club or the Chesapeake Golf Club. If you prefer to bust out some moves on the ice or knock the puck around then check out the Chilled Ponds Ice Sports Complex.


The capital city of Virginia, Richmond is a hugely popular living destination. Houses for rent in Richmond are among some of the most reasonably priced in the nation right now. Inflation and interest rates have skyrocketed as of this time in 2022. But you can find decently priced family homes and apartments in Richmond. For a capital city that is only a little over an hour away from the beach, you can’t ask for anything better.

Richmond is famous for its capital building, Hollywood Cemetary, and the Edgar Allen Poe Museum. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to be when you want all the benefits of city living, close beach commuting, and all four seasons. The arts are very important to Richmond as well. Check out the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts or the Richmond Mural Park. 

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There are plenty of employment opportunities in Richmond too. To figure out which Virginia city works best for your family and yourself, you should book a visit to any of these awesome locations. They may not end up being your forever home but they can help get you started. Virginia is a beautiful state with a little bit for everyone!


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