What Are the Best Modification Ideas for BMWs?

BMW M140i Performance Exhaust

If we talk about the automobile industry, it is one of the vastly changing industries. A lot of modifications and new technology get introduced all the time. BMW is one of the few most popular brand names in the luxury automobile industry. Every model of BMW is like a piece of art and fineness. Whether the BMW model is old or the newest, it is always fun and cool to drive it. Every car lover knows that the BMW is a lovely driving machine. These cars provide amazing balancing, full controlled handling, and amazing power that is very hard that the competitors could provide. For over tens of decades, BMW has provided some of the most powerful cars with amazing looks and the best drive. So many BMWs have been modified and are still going on in this procedure because these cars are one of the best to participate in the race after a little modification.

If we talk about BMW reading accessories, then BMW provides a full range of accessories that will make your ride more practical and exceptionally worth it if you own them. You can modify your BMW to improve the performance or change the view if you want. There are several kinds of modifications that can be applied to your BMW model. Some of these are expensive, but if you think smartly, you can afford some of the very beneficiary modifications.

Door projection lights:

Door projection lights are a great way to improve the BMW. These are installed at the bottom of the car’s door panel. It looks stunning in the dark. When you open the car, it projects the light on the floor. BMW already has these lights, but these do not project any logo or image. You can get a customised light and choose the projection image, logo or colour of your own choice. The easy way is to remove the built in projections and install the custom LED projection lights of your choice. You do not need to drill a new hole or change the size of hole. You can fit the new LED light in the same factory light hole and remove that one.


The powerful BMW with a modified exhaust will be a great way to improve the car. Sedan, sports and the hatchback models are very best to do exhaust modification. The hatchback that I am using to twist the road is BMW M140i. BMW M140i performance exhaust has been modified with a stunning sound. It is great fun to drive with such a powerful exhaust. It has improved my vehicle’s overall experience and fuel adjustment.

Engine start stop ring:

The engine start/stop button ring is a small yet beautiful accessory. These are available in different colours and materials. This is installed right on the button and adds a great look to the interior. It makes the button more prominent.

Suspension upgrades:

Upgraded suspension systems improve the driving experience and the comfort level of your car. They replace the stock struts and shocks, having the adjustable height, and rebound damping settings. This helps you to improve the driving according to the requirement.

Licence plates:

When you are modifying the car, you should keep an eye on all aspects of the car. You can customise your vehicle licence plate in color, size, font style and the frame. You can have a glass-made plate, a 4d text plate, or a plate with LED or neon light effects on it.

Lower bumper lip:

If you want your BMW to have a sporty look, you should work on its bumper and the bumper lower lip. It will reduce the airflow. You should get a carbon fibre bumper lip or the one that you can paint to match the color of your car or to make the contrast. You should drill the lip to keep it firm. Otherwise, it will come off the moment it touches any object.

Try the Headlights:

When someone looks at your car, the headlights are one of the most prominent parts of it. There are a variety of aftermarket BMW headlights available in the market that you should try. These lights will not only give your car a classic look but may also have a better output. If you are using series 3 or series 5, you can also have projector light designs.

BMW roof rack:

BMWs are amazing cars. You can take them to hilly areas and the plane lands or the grassy valleys. You should add a BMW roof rack that will help to carry your luggage or even a bicycle if you love the adventure. When you think of modification or the customisation of the car, that is like a gift to the BMW drivers that they will love to drive. Above listed points are just a small help to give you an idea of where you can start.

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