What are some of the ingredients found in Pigment Green 7?

Check here the ingredients that found in pigment green 7.

In this article, I’ll walk you through our history and how we became the manufacturer of Pigment in India today. I will also share some tips that any other manufacturer can use to follow in our footsteps and become the next largest pigment green 7 manufacturer in India.

It is an organic pigment belonging to a class of chemical compounds known as arylamines. It is colorless and highly water-soluble, used for coloring products such as green paints, toothpaste, skin products, food products, and ink. Pigment Green 7 was invented by Prof. M R Dastur who first synthesized it in 1964 at IIT Bombay. Since then, it has been manufactured by only one company—the Indian subsidiary of BASF. Pigment Green 7 is sold under various brand names including BASF Chromophore and Triton X-100.



The largest manufacturer of Pigment Green 7. It is a leading manufacturer of Pigment green 7 and Pigment blue across various industries like textiles, chemicals, etc. using its innovative reactor technology to produce high purity and quality pigments for all its customers from all over the world. It has a CIE color index number of 67, 473C° hue angle, 100% pigment purity, and 9-16% particle size accuracy with an average particle size between 3 to 5 μm.

Uses and Functions

PG 7, also known as triarylmethane green, is a colorant primarily used to create a dark shade of green. It can be found in many hair dyes and nail polishes; however, it is most commonly used as an additive to fabrics and paper to achieve a green tint. There are many pigment makers around the world that make it; however, due to our expertise and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, Dhanveen is one of the largest producers of Pigment Green 7 on earth. Though you may find other manufacturers selling similar products for lower prices, we guarantee that Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer by us will have no defects or consistency issues.

Application Methods

It’s mainly used as a yellowing agent and coloring pigment. In recent years, Pigment Green 7 has been added to glues, coatings, rubbers, adhesives, and sealants. When mixed with oils or fats, Pigment Green 7 can also be used as a green colorant for food and oil products. When mixed with resins and waxes, it can also be applied as an additive for plastics to make pigmented plastic materials such as white plates with colorful decorations.

Colour Versatility

At Carbon Black Industries, Pigment Green 7 is used to produce black and dark-green colors, which are widely used in footwear, sports, and leisure apparel. Pigment Green 7 is also known as Phthalocyanine Blue G. It is highly functional and one of our most versatile products. When combined with different pigments or dyes, it can be easily customized to produce a range of attractive shades. We offer it at an industry-leading price point without compromising on quality. At CBIL we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. As such, we have built a vast infrastructure for producing world-class products that meet the diverse needs of customers from around the globe.

Safety Concerns with PIGMENT GREEN 7

An Organic pigment made from fresh leaves of Chlorophytum aromaticum is also known as Safrole, or 5-Methoxy-1-(3, 4, 5-trimethoxyphenyl)-2-propanone. It was used to prepare cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in green color. However, safrole itself is carcinogenic and neurotoxic. A large amount of safrole may cause damage to the brain and body system. Therefore it is prohibited to use it for industrial purposes and other commercial products. Currently, many researchers are focusing on alternative sources such as natural herbal pigments instead of chemical pigments.

Discover the Secrets of This Bright Green Shade

Phthalocyanine green is a bright green pigment with exceptional lightfastness and heat stability. Its particular formulation makes it an ideal choice for paint manufacturers that want to use less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their products. In addition, most pigments are manufactured using derivatives of lead, however, PG 7 is not classified as hazardous waste due to its composition and structure. Furthermore, no known toxicity has been associated with pigment production from Pigment Green 7; therefore it is safe for humans and animals to ingest or come into contact with it.


Are you looking for top-notch green pigments? Then search no further than Pigment Green 7. We’re one of India’s largest and most prestigious producers, with over 40 years of experience producing high-quality and earth-friendly colors. Take a look at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and friendly customer service today.

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