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What are Clogged Pores | How to Reduce

Clogged Pores

Tiny swellings are present on the surface of the skin. These swellings allow the skin to secrete and transport the sebum and nutrients on the skin. But when the dead skin cells, sweat, and unwanted sebum start dumping the openings. Then, they get blocked. They make the outlook of skin appear bad(Clogged Pores).

When you don’t extract the debris from the pores. Then, it would start causing breakouts in the skin. Eventually, at each blocked pore. Your skin would make pimples. These pimples sometimes contain infectious pus. Which makes them worse. Afterward, you don’t clean them. Rather you use cosmetics to cover them up. But it can’t help your skin.

Factors that cause the clogging of the pores

The expertise of the skincare of Belle Cote Paris brand has listed some reasons here. Some factors are influenced by the environment. While the other ones are because of your health.

Abundant sebum

Our sebaceous glands are present in the skin. They produce sebum. That would be effective for hydration and moistening the skin. So, it is good if your skin does this. But if they secrete abundant sebum. Then, it is of no good. Because it would not hydrate your skin. Rather, it would cause acne. This happens when children get a mature age. So, the sebum causes oil to accumulate in the skin.

Dead cells

When new cells are produced in the skin. Then, the dead cells discard off the skin. They then gather up in the pores. If you don’t exfoliate them. Then they would become a blackhead.

Not using correct products for skin

Using wrong or harsh ingredient products. That block the holes in the skin.

Excess usage of skincare products

Although, skin products are good for your skin’s health. But if you keep on using too many products. Then, they would peel your skin. And erase all the natural sebum from the skin.

  1. Smoking
  2. Unbalanced hormones
  3. Age

A certain age above the ’30s would cause the opening of holes to appear larger. The skin loses its elasticity and collagen. The region containing these pores becomes loose. And the skin is lee elastic at that specific region.

How clogged pores appear like?

clogged pores


The skin becomes white at the region where blockage occurs at the opening of pores. They are known as whiteheads.


When the dirt and other impurities reside in the pores. Then, the skin in that region would be red. The skin might become a bit swollen up. Some are even filled with pus-type infections.


Blackheads form when the openings of the pores grow bigger. They are a result of reactions occurring in our skin with the environment. Therefore, it appears dark.


A blocked opening of the skin might be irritating. It might even fill with pus. Further, it would encourage blemishes and scars.

Treatment of the blocked pores

Implement these rules would cure them:

Buy those skincare or makeup products that are safe from blocking the pores. Some brands mention their products won’t make the skin oily. Avoid splashing cold water on the face after cleansing the face. Then, use a moisturizer with mild ingredients to hydrate the skin. Afterward, use retinoid on your skin. Retinoid together with salicylic acid would clear the debris from pores.

Belle cote Paris skincare treatment for unclogging pores

The experts of this brand suggest people use their brand products. Because they know very well about pores and their blockage.

Organic seaweed exfoliator with Belle Cote Paris

This exfoliator contains mandelic acid. This typical ingredient helps in vanishing the unwanted sebum from the face. It extracts all the waste and dead cells from the pores.

Azelaic toner with Belle Cote Paris

It would get deep into the pores situated in the skin. It hinders the formation of blackheads due to oil.


All of Belle Cote Paris products are majorly consisting natural minerals from the sea. These ingredients are effective for your skin. You can opt for our products for the betterment of your skin.

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