What all you need to know about smart locks?

In recent years, people have become more “Smart” with the help of technology, so our security system has also gotten smart too. More and more people are into buying smart lock. These locks allow persons to enter a home or offer other access without the need for a traditional or physical key. Instead, the users can use their smartphones to wirelessly verify and then mechanically unlock a door. Isn’t that easy? Continue reading this post to know a lot more about smart lock and security lock.

What are security locks?

If you think that your home is a sanctuary, maintaining the security of that home must be your foremost priority. Deploying reliable security locks can help to keep your place safe & secure. Most homeowners or others sneak through the door because of a poor lock security system.

What are security locks?

The aim of using security locks is to improve your home or office security. Always try to invest in a good quality security lock and never compromise their quality. There are different types of security locks but nowadays, most people prefer smart lock.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks can lock and unlock operations when they get a prompt through an electronic keypad, access card, Bluetooth, biometric sensor or Wi-fi from your registered mobile device. They are security locks which are smart because they use internet communication & advanced technology which enable easy and simple access to users and boost security from intruders.

What are smart locks?

The major components of smart locks include physical locks, keys (generally they are electronic, virtual keys or digitally encrypted to offer users keyless entry, Wi-fi Connection, secure Bluetooth & a mobile app. Smart lock can not only monitor access but also send alerts to various events that it has been monitoring and critical events. Most users install smart lock on their mechanical locks (normal type of locks that include deadbolts) & they boost the ordinary locks.

What can smart locks do?

Smart lock indeed a “Smart” security system have created a modern security experience with various customization features as well as functionality specially designed for giving users control. Smart lock go far beyond the capacity of ordinary locks. The ones coming with Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity highly elevate the ability for using remote features.

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What are the advantages of installing smart locks?

Have a glance at these advantages which smart lock offer to are:

  1. Escalate accessibility

We often hear house keys get misplaced. In order to track down keys or even change locks when the tenant moves out then try to consider buying smart locks having keypads. Simply unlock the door through the use of a smartphone. You can get in touch with one of the leading suppliers of smart lock in the Middle East & GCC region.

  1. Smartphone-friendly security lock systems

Sometimes it becomes hard to reach out for keys or keys can be lost or forgotten but with smart locks, what you need to do is just pair with Bluetooth to the deadbolt and thus you can get easy access to the house without any conventional lock & key system.

  1. Detection of the presence

You can hear several stories of persons getting locked outside the home, be it themselves or by someone else who may not have understood. Smart lock can come to the rescue. How? Smart lock can easily detect presence & behave following that. So the fear of getting locked in a building or room will be no more. Smart locks may be programmed too for recognizing others based on their presence. A few smart locks also operate together with home devices for adjusting temperature & lighting preferences.

  1. Secure your place remotely

One of the super benefits of having smart locks is the ability to both lock and unlock your home or office by using applications when you can not be there. Users can also check their home to ensure it stays secure when they are far away.


Hopefully, you have liked reading this post about smart locks. In every way, smart locks are the best type of security locks for homes, offices etc. Secure your place today with top-quality smart locks. Smart lock are the evolving technology that is revolutionising security systems. What are you waiting for? Select the super smart lock for you. Visit The Big 5 exhibition 2022 where a variegated version of smart lock will be showcased. Explore our all different products like ball valves for this prestigious exhibition for the construction industry at Dubai World Centre. Register now only!



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