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Visit Las Vegas in One Day: Very Good Trip to Sin City

Las Vegas Attractions

Need tips for visiting Las Vegas in a day? A city built in the middle of the desert for one purpose: to give people an opportunity to have fun. From the Strip to Fremont Street, Las Vegas rhymes with excess, madness, dreams, consumerism and denial of reality. I spent a day in Las Vegas. A day that lasted until late in the evening because you have to see this city twice: day and night. Feedback on my visit to Sin City, a completely crazy city!

How to visit Las Vegas in one day?

The main points of interest in Las Vegas are on the Strip and on Fremont Street. To visit Las Vegas in a day, I first went to Fremont Street before visiting the Strip until dark to see the neon lights and the shows of the various casinos.

Visit the Las Vegas Strip:

The best way to get around Las Vegas is to take the Monorail ($5 ticket or $13 day pass). This train runs along the Las Vegas Strip from north to south to easily get from one point to another (Google Maps of the stations). To visit the Las Vegas Strip, I advise you to find a parking lot near a Monorail station. You can do the Vegas Strip by car for the kif but better to walk there.

Visit Fremont Street:

Fremont Street, on the other hand, is not served by the Monorail. Better to go to the parking lot of the Fremont Street Experience and walk the street. Fremont Street is much smaller than the Strip, so you won’t need to take public transit to see it all. You can even take a zip line to quickly go from one end! Americans are crazy…

My visit to Las Vegas in one day

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

First stop of my Las Vegas tour in one day: the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Located at the entrance to the city, this sign is much smaller than I imagined. But what surprised me the most was the queue (naivety, when you hold us ). People are willing to wait 30 minutes to have their picture taken with the sign. Keep that in mind if you want to do the same.

I assure you, if you just want to take a picture of the sign, you won’t need to queue.

Fremont Street

I then entered the city via Las Vegas Boulevard, more commonly known as the Strip. But I preferred to save that for later and went straight to Fremont Street, the oldest part of town. Fremont Street is a very busy street. It’s a bit like the Strip but much smaller. The Fremont Street Experience is the pedestrian part of the street that is home to iconic casinos like the Golden Nugget and Four Queens. There are also museums, Escape Games, restaurants, souvenir shops, street art, zip lines…

If you are (very) hungry, eat at the Heart Attack Grill, the restaurant holding the record for the most caloric burger in the world. Paroxysm of bad taste, if you weigh more than 160kg, you can eat there for free! For ATV Rental in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip)

The Strip is the main artery of Las Vegas. An endless boulevard on which stand the most famous hotel-casinos in the world: Luxor, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Park MGM, Flamingo, Mirage… Each redoubles their imagination to stand out from the competition and attract players from all walks of life .

The Strip by day:

For those who are not fans of slot machines, it is an open-air amusement park. From one sidewalk to another, we pass from Venice to Paris via ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Add street performances, naked girls, Elvis Presley lookalikes, people in bathing suits and limos and you get an idea of ​​the vibe there. This is completely crazy !

You can visit Las Vegas in a day but you could easily spend a week there. The Caesars Palace and the Bellagio alone form labyrinths of halls, rooms and galleries packed with slot machines and shops often in a mind-blowing setting. Walkways even allow you to go from one casino to another without having to go back through the Strip. It’s hard not to get lost…

Between two casinos, take a break near the Linq Promenade. This pedestrian alley concentrates a large number of restaurants and shops. If your budget allows, you can also take a ride on the High Roller Ferris wheel and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

The Strip at night:

Wait until nightfall to see the Las Vegas Strip take on a new face. The neon lights light up and the casinos put on a show. The shops and restaurants at the foot of the Venetian are crazy. The Flamingo radiates the darkness with its pink, blue and golden colors… But amid all that neon, there are two that stand out: the Bellagio fountains and the Mirage volcano.

The Bellagio fountains operate complex choreographic to the rhythm of songs by Queen, Celine Dion and Lady Gaga. You can see them during the day, but it is at night that they put on their most beautiful finery, when the golden lights illuminate them from below. It is a magnificent spectacle for which people flock by the hundreds.

The Mirage volcano is also worth a detour. It combines water effects and pyrotechnics to simulate the eruption of a volcano. The waters of its fountains take on incandescent colors like lava and mix with the flames that rise in the air. A magnificent spectacle! Travel Work Style

After all these adventures, I had to continue my 6-week road trip through the American West. I hope this article will be useful for you to prepare your visit to Las Vegas in one day. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

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