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Types of Biofeedback Therapy

Due to the high rate of medical illness, continuous developments done in medical science. Now people believe more in having some therapies and drug-free treatments than in having medications. Because they are more meaningful to them as compared to others. Similarly, many drug-free treatments have  introduced in medical science. Among them, biofeedback therapy is the one. It is something exciting that controls all the bodily functions in the mind of the patients. Biofeedback therapy Massachusetts is now facilitating citizens over there.

Why biofeedback therapy is different from other therapies?

The best part of biofeedback therapy is that it is a non-drug treatment and typically deals with muscular tension, heart rate, and blood pressure. In this therapy process, the electrical sensors are connected with the patient’s body and then measure the physiological processes. The patients’ feedback is then attained, and some physiological changes are observed. There are multiple ways of feedback, such as blinking LED, buzzing sounds, etc., in this process. The therapy teaches the patient to be alert, recognize the physiological changes, relax and consciously bring balance back to the body. It is further much fruitful for the body.

How does biofeedback training take place?

The training of biofeedback therapy also works in several ways. By giving feedback, we are also learning to make our body works more bitterly. It is like when anyone understands anything and responds to that new learning point. Whereas heart rate variability training is another way of learning from this technique. Heart rate variability training is the technique that measures breathing techniques. It helps manage depression and anxiety. The breathing patterns are displayed on a monitor, and it helps them learn and practice the design more suitable to them, and then they may apply it in their daily life. In this way, it allows one to reduce stress, depression, and other illness.

Why is biofeedback therapy beneficial?

Biofeedback therapy is different from other therapies and is beneficial because it is non-invasive, does not involve any medication, has a shallow risk of undesirable side effects, and gives empowerment to the individual by providing control of their body organs. In addition, many patients do not afford medications due to health issues, or some want to avoid unnecessary medicines because their body parts react to the side effects more. So, in that case, the biofeedback therapy is beneficial and unique from other multiple therapies.

What are the different types of feedback therapies?

There are also multiple types of biofeedback therapy training: heart rate variability training, electromyography biofeedback, galvanic skin response biofeedback, temperature biofeedback training, EEG biofeedback training, body BRT biofeedback training, interactive metronome, etc.

Heart rate variability training helps improve mood disorder and sleeplessness. It enhances focus and improves anxiety and stress disorder. It uses breathing techniques. At the same time, electromyography biofeedback is training to improve the weak and paretic muscles. It is a method of retraining muscles.

Similarly, galvanic skin responds to biofeedback in treating dermatological conditions. And also treats excessive sweating. Temperature biofeedback training is helpful in situations like when there are any changes in skin temperature. The EEG biofeedback training is done using devices that help improve the brain function of the human body. Body BRT biofeedback training helps the body to learn to have self-regulation and then heal naturally. It is helpful for chronic pains and traumas. Another interactive metronome helps improve the brain’s connection with the body and enhances attention and performance.

Therefore there are several kinds of biofeedback therapy training that help improves the different body functions in a better way.

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