Tricks for a quick and easy move

A removal is a change of life and you should embrace it.


Stress, tiredness, difficulty, laziness… there are many words associated with moving houses, and although they are not usually positive. A move usually means a change, the illusion of a new home, establishing new relationships with the neighbors. It is a change of life and we should not let something like “pack and unpack” boxes cloud. Or the project of “starting a stage in a new home”.

Following some guidelines can facilitate the process, to speed it up and make the organization easier.

Moving houses

Before starting with all the packing, reserve an essential survival kit for two or three days. It may take a few days for you to settle in and fully organize yourself in your new home. To avoid stress when moving houses, it is advisable to prepare some toiletries. Or even clothing for these first days and nights.

Also have thought or organized what you are going to eat these first few days. From a snack to take a break to the main lunches or dinners. Perhaps it is good to have a look at a restaurant in the area or a home delivery service.

Or maybe it is not the time to cook and wash, surely a “break” and something easy will help you offset the effort of moving. If you have helpers, friends or relatives, or children… Surely they will also appreciate a moment of rest and a treat for the palate. It will be good to regain strength.

Purge the medicine cabinet.

We all tend to accumulate a mess drawer with all kinds of medications that we have used over time. Pharmacies have collection points so you can remove from your transfer boxes all those that are practically finished or expired.

If you need to have some type of medicine on hand when moving, keep it in a safe place and close at hand, along with the survival kit items.

Set up a comfortable space to make the boxes, with the packing tape. The cardboard and all the tools you will need, so you can do it safely. Without losing your peace of mind because you cannot find the scissors or the bubble wrap.

The kitchen and living room are the rooms that take the longest to pack. Especially the kitchen with the small appliances and dishes. It’s a good idea to start with these. A recommendation to store plates is to organize them with cardboard and place them vertically, since the risk of breakage is minimized.

Protect everything that is breakable well, not only with bubbles or textiles, but by checking that the boxes are well packed. Without air pockets or gaps that allow objects to “move” during the move. Consult a moving company and make sure you prepare everything by the book. Remember to mark well those boxes with fragile objects, which are easily recognizable from all angles.

Clothes and hangers

The clothes can be put with the hangers themselves in large garbage bags or garment bags. Help yourself with a “donkey” or a bar with wheels, it will greatly simplify changing everything from one cabinet to another.

You have this type of supports even in Ikea, and it will be very worthwhile. Moving companies have specific boxes for clothes, which are also very practical.

Already in your new house, the first thing is to make the beds. It will give you an immediate feeling of home, and after the long day of moving you will be grateful to be able to go to sleep without having to look for sheets at the last minute and with accumulated fatigue. Placing the plants will also help you create a feeling of life, light and calm.

When starting to organize your new home, do it in an orderly manner, room by room, starting with the most essential, such as the kitchen, the toilets, and then bedroom by bedroom. One by one and step by step, as well as to collect, maintain order and close phases will give you enormous satisfaction.

If you can, rent or buy a wheelbarrow, so you can easily carry multiple boxes and weight. In huge stores, for example, you have some cheap and foldable ones that you will surely use over time.

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