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Top Tips for Saving While Shopping Online

1. First, make a shopping list

It may seem obvious, but this tip will save you time. By planning what you’re going to buy while shopping online in advance. You can save a lot of time instead of browsing through endless websites/categories for deals without any direction.

2. Compare product prices

To compare prices across major online shopping sites, you can check various price comparison websites or even download browser extensions. Other articles mention details of any additional offers from merchants and banks that can help save shoppers money.

3. Pay attention to the fine print when it comes to cashback, discounts, and coupons

The majority of online shopping sites have partnerships with one or more banks, which offer discounts for credit cards and debit cards, cash back, and even interest-free loans. Additionally, there are coupon sites that offer affiliate commission if a purchase is made through their referral link or website. Before you take advantage of an offer, make sure you check its terms and conditions:

It is always better to give upfront discounts (which lower the purchase price) The cashback you receive will be credited to your account/card within a certain period of time if it is being offered

Check if any cashback will be credited to your wallet rather than to your credit/debit card In contrast to the shopping site, you get a different discount/cashback value when you purchase via the mobile app. Find out whether a discount and cashback can be combined simultaneously (discount + cashback)

4. Credit/debit card offers, cashback, reward points

If you use your credit/debit card during a certain period, or over a particular amount per transaction, your bank may offer ongoing offers regardless of partnerships with shopping websites. You can give discounts, cashback, movie tickets, vouchers for shopping, or even bonus reward points as a reward.

When making a payment through their app, new wallet and payment apps continue to send emails and notifications. You can also find the latest deals in their offers section. During a sale, you can also set a label or filter to keep track of such emails to maximize your shopping experience.

5. Set price alerts

Moreover, some Online stores in Pakistan allow you to set alerts to notify you when the price of a product you’re interested in reaches an important level – so that you can compare prices. It is also possible to use browser extensions and third-party apps.

6. Free shipping is a bonus

The goal of shopping is to save every rupee.

Verify if the product you’re purchasing is free. You can check for free shipping by tapping the “More offers from” button on a product page to see if the seller offers it. Some sites offer free shipping only to premium customers, but you can check with others by tapping the “More offers from” button. Additionally, you can see if a seller displays a lower purchase price, but a higher delivery charge, so any cost advantages are lost.

7. Review online shopping communities

It is possible to find sites that share deals across many shopping websites and also offer interactive forums where members can inquire about products and share information about deals. These are helpful if something that appears too good to be true actually is – or if there are any hidden catches (obsolete product, old version, etc.).

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