Top Enticing Places to Visit in Kovalam In Kerala

Kovalam is a little beach village on the southern end of God’s own country, Kerala. It is only 16 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam, one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Kerala, has a lot to offer. In addition to the ocean and the breezy atmosphere, there are sparkling lakes, ornate temples, amazing art galleries, beautiful palaces, dams, and surf clubs to have a wonderful time here. The famed Vellayani Lake, Padmanabhswamy Temple, and Hawah Beach are among the greatest locations to visit in Kovalam. Kerala honeymoon packages from Bangalore can be booked from Lock Your Trip to explore the charm of the stunning destination and to explore the amazing places to visit in Kovalam.

Kovalam, a town on the coast of the Arabian Sea, which is a famous tourist destination, offers a variety of glorious attractions. The stunning hamlet is known for its three beautiful beaches, which merge into a majestic rocky crescent with sea-green shallow seas. Kovalam is also known as the Grove of Coconut Trees because of the coconut trees that line the streets and embellish the community. The charm extends beyond the beaches of Kovalam, to the lighthouses that haunt you and remind you of the exciting times ahead.

Samudra Beach

Samudra Beach is one of the jewels in the already renowned crown, Kovalam. The finest places to visit in Kovalam are the fissures that separate it from the other beaches in Kerala. The beach is thronged with tourists, but it is also a haven of solitude and tranquility. It is a haven for loving couples who wish to be alone and want some privacy. The horizon offers breathtaking sunset vistas as well as silhouettes of wooden ships making their way to work.

Samudra Beach offers tranquility as well as breathtaking views all around. Many beach resorts near the beach will enhance your experience of living near the shore and exploring the beauty of the water. At Samudra Beach, you can enjoy various beach activities and water sports activities such as water surfing and kayaking.

Vellayani Lake 

The Vellayani Lake is a freshwater lake located approx. 9 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram, surrounded by dense greenery of flora and friendly wildlife. The lake has a fascinating story to tell as well. It tells the story of a thirsty beggar who approached a meditating saint to ask for water. The saint wished to assist the thirsty beggar but only had a few drops of water in his vessel. The saint then gathered the small amount of water in his palms and tossed it while praying.

The location where the saint threw water droplets became a vast beautiful lake, which is now explored by the visitors. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in Kovalam. The lake also holds a very famous snake boat racing competition during the Onam festival, which is the best period to visit and experience it.

Valiyathura Pier

The Valiyathura Pier has been a major tourist attraction in Kovalam since 1950. The Pier was originally constructed for cargo transportation and the installation of catamarans by fishermen, but now it has evolved into a popular tourist attraction. With a height of 703 ft and 127 real tiles supporting it, the pier is a robust construction. While visiting in the evening will be rewarded with enthralling vistas that will keep you here till the wee hours of the morning. Despite being primarily desolate, the coastline of this area is teeming with rare Malavu fish.

The Lighthouse Beach

One of the biggest attractions in Kovalam is the gangling lighthouse beach, where spiral staircases lead to the top position of the tower. Once you have mounted the stairs, all you may experience is the evening wonder of the sun setting and orange colors in the sky, with a cold breeze rustling through your senses. The location also provides some of the best vantage points for seeing the breathtaking coastline of Kerala. See golden beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze, as well as water as pure as a child’s spirit. There are also various shacks selling fish along the shore. It is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam and have an amazing experience.

Artificial Off-Shore Coral Reef

This is the first artificial coral reef in India. It is located on Kovalam’s lighthouse beach and is a great example of a human-nature partnership. The reefs were built by a New Zealand-based company with funding from the government’s Tsunami Rehabilitation Program. The goal is to prevent erosion of the shoreline, attract marine life by providing a habitable environment, and increase fishing. This is one of the most unusual tourist places in Kovalam.

Karamana River

Karamara River is the pride of Kerala and is a must-see for anyone looking for a relaxing boat trip through lush greenery. The river is surrounded by beautiful scenery and a variety of fish that you may not have seen before. This site should undoubtedly be on your bucket list of places to visit in Kovalam. The river starts its trip in the Western Ghats and passes through lush greenery that will enchant you. The riverbank is only 6 kilometers away from Trivandrum and can be reached by local transportation from any area as well.

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The Kovalam Castle

The Kovalam Castle, also known as the Kovalam Palace, has been renovated into a luxury deluxe hotel. For its beautifully imposing edifice erected in colonial style, this destination competes with the stunning beaches and cathedrals. The castle was constructed in 1932 with the intention of serving as the builders’ family retreat home. It was turned into a luxury hotel in 1964 after fulfilling its purpose for a few decades. In terms of tourist appeal, the location holds a lot of promise in terms of exquisite interiors with an old-world charm. The Halcyon Castle is without a doubt one of the nicest sites to see in Kovalam.

Best Time to Visit Kovalam in Kerala

During the summer months of March to June, the days are too hot and the nights are quite chilly. From July through September, Kovalam has moderate to heavy rainfall, which is known as monsoon season.

The tranquil beaches, sun-kissed shorelines, and beachfront settlements of Kovalam are enchanted with their pristine nature and idyllic setting. LYT, particularly the Kerala Honeymoon Package from Bangalore, produces some of the best packages for your inner wanderlust. Set in a secluded corner of Kerala’s southern coast, Kovalam has etched its essence on the overall tourist map, thanks to its exquisite and unusual shorelines of dazzling sand and tall lighthouses.

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