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Top content research sources for developing best blogging strategy

Learn about most credible content research sources to find best ideas

Delivering quality material to your visitors is the key to success in the digital space. However, it is not an easy task. One needs to spend a huge amount of time and efforts for researching, spotting the trends and identifying the gaps in order to create the content with high potential. You can uncomplicate the process by using some sophisticated tools that can reduce, streamline and quicken the prerequisites for developing the content that can go viral on the net(content research tools).


We are mentioning some advanced tools, sources and tips to make your content creation strategy less complicated, more enjoyable and highly rewarding:


High Authority niche-based Publications 

 One of the best yet often misunderstood content research sources is the high authority publications of your industry. While you won’t have the luxury to automate or simplify things using different tools, access to high authority publications can equip you with the knowledge and insights that allow you to create content that easily stands out in the crowd.


Moreover, such publications also play a vital role in expanding your vision and diversifying your thinking process. 


For instance, the blogs like search engine journals or Moz can be the best options o consider if you are from the digital marketing industry. Such platforms naturally attract subject experts while keeping away the low-quality content churners due to high editorial standards.

One thing to remember is that many subject experts also run personal blogs where they share their opinions and insights freely. You can also search and use such blogs to gain detailed information and acquire a subject matter expertise. It can thus help you gain most out of content marketing strategy



Keyhole is a highly competent content discovery tool that allows you to access insights on any specific topic by monitoring the hashtags on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While its functional process is not very different from Google alerts the keyhole is exclusively targeted on the social media space.

When used with the right strategy it can be the best platform to access fresh and innovative content ideas. You can also use it to efficiently track the conversation around your brand and promptly act on any negative communication before things get worse. Also, you can use it to discover the most trending news content to amplify the reach of your content while building credibility. 



 One of the best ways to gain instant popularity on social media is to run relevant contests and campaigns. However, it needs a solid strategy to create contests or campaigns with high potential. Agro pulse makes the process easier for you by offering you multiple advanced search options to view the trending topics based on hot buttons of the industry or specific brand name.

The tool also offers real-time alerts for urgent mentions that need prompt reformative steps (negative publicity- for instance). Besides it also has an inbuilt mechanism to act instantly on urgent mentions- like directly responding to such messages within the app with just a few clicks. In that capacity, it saves you from switching between different platforms and apps. 


Attending Industry Events

 One of the best strategies to spot the current o upcoming trends and discover new ideas is to attend industry events. It may seem to be an unconventional strategy for the digital industry. However, the real item human interaction and face-to-face meetings during such events not only help you to gain better insights about the industry but also plays an important role in forming lasting relations.

The conference also acts as an ideal platform to develop your business organically. You can find your partners, interact directly with targeted audiences and also spot collaboration opportunities. 

Moreover, many high authority conferences also offer you first-hand insight into highly valuable industry data and upcoming trends that assist you to stay on top of your game. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

 Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the best tools for discovering new ideas and gaining deeper insights. The tool offers a sophisticated tailor-made feature called Social Studio. It allows you to understand the conversation of your customers.

It not only gives you insights into what the customers think about your brand, products, and after-sales services but also helps you to devise your customer engagement accordingly. With this tool, it becomes much easier to engage your audiences across multiple social media platforms. The tool comes with an advanced analytical mechanism to track forums, blog posts, popular social media sites, and comments. It equips the tool with the advanced capability to show you a comprehensive real-time picture.


 Moreover the Social Studio also has options to provide you the key geographic and demographics along with sentiment interpretation using high-end AI technology.

It helps you to fully optimize your content strategy based on geography, and demographics along with creating content that perfectly aligns with the intent of the readers.

In that capacity it helps in enhancing the seo friendly content that is also liked by the readers.


Whether you run an ecommerce business or engaged in blogging business, you need to build strong relations with your audiences. Communication plays a key role here. In that capacity, it empowers you to influence their decisions and build a familiarity. It offers you a number of short/long term benefits ranging form building traffic and increasing sales to converting your business into a brand. In the digital sphere it could be very difficult to build a solid communication strategy as you need to analyze a massive amount of platforms frequented by millions of users. It can be an uphill task. However, some smart tricks and tools can help you get access to the best  content research sources to simplify  the things and automate the process.

In this post we mentioned some of the best tools for content discovery. By strategically using those tools you can speed up the content research process which helps in delivering high quality content.


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