Top Benefits of Using a Meditation Pillow


Meditation is the exercise of focusing on an object. This exercise will help to make you more stable in your mental and physical state. It is the process of making you more aware of anything. This will help in the growth of your perspective in a positive manner. You will be able to understand the emotions without judging. You will get a fresh and better understanding of power(Mediatation). 

Doing meditation will bring smoothness to your life and you will feel great after doing it. Doing the mediation at the start of the day can make your whole day really great. A meditation pillow is used while doing the meditation and there are many benefits of doing the meditation.

There are eight types of meditation that you can practise. 

  1. Mindfulness meditation.
  2. Spiritual meditation.
  3. Movement meditation.
  4. Mantra meditation.
  5. Focused meditation.
  6. Loving Kindness meditation.
  7. Guided meditation.
  8. Transcendental meditation.

Do you know that sitting on a modern chair is your natural position? Do you think that this will not cause any stress on your limbs and joints? If yes, then you are fully wrong as sitting on modern chairs will cause you stress. You will feel uncomfortable when your shoulders, hips, or spine are misaligned. So for this misalignment, you can use the meditation pillow.

Here are some benefits of using a meditation pillow.

  1. Increased Comfort
  2. Increased Stability
  3. Longer Meditation Times
  4. Stay Focused
  5. Portable
  6. Optimal Blood Flow
  7. Multipurpose Use
  8. A Visual Cue


Increased Comfort

When you do any activity you always seek comfort level even when you are doing an exercise. You want to work on your body but you will search for easy exercises which can match your comfort level. We all love to sit on the floor but sometimes it becomes tough when we sit for a long time, especially while doing the mediation. So a meditation pillow can be your solution to get the comfort level. Using the meditation pillow will not just increase your comfort level but it can also be used when the floor is very cold(Mediatation).


Increased Stability

You are doing very well in your life and have stability too but lack the stability in your body. So doing the meditation by using the meditation pillow will help you to gain stability. The greater the heights of the pillow the greater will be the stability. There are some poses of meditation that will help you in increasing stability. A half-lotus pose, a child pose, or an arched back pose(Mediatation).


Longer Meditation Times

You will firmer stuffing materials in the meditation pillow which will help you decrease the level of pressure. When you will feel very comfortable then only you can do the meditation for a longer time. If you set time in your mind for doing the meditation then the meditation pillow will help you to achieve it(Mediatation).


A Visual Cue

Employing a cushion for your routine will be a visible cue to assist you get within the mood for meditation. If you utilise your cushion to brighten a special place in your home, specifically for meditation, then taking away the cushion will trigger your mind that it’s time to meditate.


Stay Focused

Many people feel sleepy when they are doing meditation, so the meditation pillow will help them to get less sleepy and your mind will be alert. Using the meditation pillow will help you to focus more and feel free.



If you’re the kind who likes to meditate daily, despite what the situation is and you wish that your meditation practice should be portable then meditation pillows are highly portable. If you travel somewhere and wish to meditate there, then your pillow can accompany you.


Optimal Blood Flow

Through the utilisation of a meditation cushion, you’ll achieve the optimal meditative position for increased blood flow. There are many benefits that go together with increased blood flow that include clarity of mind and application. Achieving proper blood flow is crucial to meditation because it opens your mind and physical sensations to just accept the meditation.


Multipurpose Use

If you think that meditation pillow has only one user then you are wrong as it has many uses. It can be used for yoga, can be used as a long narrow pillow, and can be used as a decorative piece. Nowadays people find the meditation pillow more comfortable than the normal pillow.


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