Do you remember asking your dad determinedly to let you play snake on his Nokia 1200? Undoubtedly that game is one of the most addictive creations in the history of games. Like any other thing, the gaming concept changed a lot. Though game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are improving with every release, the projected sales seem to decline not because gaming consoles are off beam but because they are gradually being substituted by more economical and flexible choices on the mobile.

The main reason is that games today are far different than they used to be. In the early 90s, there was a concept of console games; now, you can have them on your smartphone and easily carry them anywhere. Thanks to mobile gaming applications. You will find kids around you so much involved in their gaming screens. You feel present in the game, not just playing it. Have you ever seen Fortnite or PUBG? Not just kids but even adults are so addicted to these games. What makes things different is the new gaming trends taking over the gaming world. Following are some of the most popular and recent mobile gaming trends.

Top 9 Trends in Mobile Gaming Applications

Social gaming

Talking to other players while playing your favorite game is crazy and revolutionary simultaneously, as this keeps you more involved in the game. This is one of the most popular trends these days. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, or CS allow players to connect socially with their squad players.

Social gaming

This helps them in giving instructions and making new friends. According to research, most mobile games people love have this feature of conversing with their counterparts. This feature increases the gluiness of a game undoubtedly. This social element became more popular during the pandemic when kids were at home and so much involved in video games.

Multiplayer Gaming

The best thing about games these days is the multiplayer feature. Yes, you heard it right! If you want to play your favorite game with your friends, you can easily add them with this multiplayer approach and play together.

Multiplayer Gaming

In some games, you have a limit to add members to your squad; in others, you can add as many players as you want. This helps you in making a bond with your squad and socializing more. You can easily play with your friends even if they live anywhere in the world. Games like PUBG and Fortnite are top-rated because of this fantastic feature.

Rewards and Subscriptions

For a premium experience, you will find a subscription model. This is like an in-app purchase feature. You can get access to the great features if you take this subscription. This helps generate revenue for the gaming industry as people pay to experience those outstanding features.

You must have heard of Royal pass in Fortnite and PUBG. People spend a lot of money on subscriptions. For example, you will find costumes and skins that look captivating but are only accessible if you take a subscription. This subscription strategy is the ultimate source of millions and millions of profit gains.

Push notifications

This is one of the most promising features in the history of gaming apps, as it keeps you directly connected to your users even when they are offline. They get notified when there is a new update or when a friend is inviting them for a game, so it’s a win-win situation as it increases the app engagement and, in return, revenue.

Pc like experience

You must have noticed that games nowadays give PC-like experiences to their users. The graphics are outstanding, and the user feels like he’s part of the game. A famous mobile game development company TekRevol are expert in producing mobile gaming applications having PC like experience.

This is something revolutionary and makes a game addictive. Games like PUBG, GTA, and Fortnite are so good in graphics, making them captivating and engaging. The player feels so involved and can’t leave the game.


Metaverse is one of the newest trends in the mobile gaming industry, and it is revolutionary. This was introduced to build a more robust in-game experience. Metaverse offers users resources to create Metaverse, like building realistic Avatars.

Metaverse became so popular in 2022, and kids are fond of this. You must be aware of the concerts if you are a Roblox or Fortnite player. iPhone apps development Miami companies are famous for developing mobile gaming applications with metaverse upgrades.

NFT and Blockchain in Games

NFT and Blockchain is one trendiest feature in mobile gaming history. You can use NFT instead of money and exchange it for cards, skins, artwork, music, and avatars. NFTs are like cryptocurrencies, for example, bitcoin and doggy coins. Interestingly crypto wallets are increasing every day as people are into digital currency.

Playable ads

Yes, companies are spending billions on playable ads as a marketing strategy so more and more people will install their games. You must have seen ads on mobile gaming applications about other games while playing a game. These ads are mostly playable, so users get a know-how of how it works.

If the game fascinates the person, he will indeed download it. Some people find it annoying when they find an ad they are not interested in, but this works also. So this marketing strategy is making rounds these days.


New trends are emerging almost every other day. During the pandemic mobile gaming industry generated more revenue than music or film. The main reason is the evolution of mobile games.

The gaming applications are addictive with so many engaging features. Games ike PUBG, Roblox and Fortnite introduced most gaming trends like concerts and royal passes in the gaming industry. Mobile game developers are using high tech to build games as game industry is changed because of new technology. It’s important for a mobile game app developer to stay up to date with the new trends to produce competitive games in the industry.

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