Top 7 of the greatest Himalayan treks on a budget


India has long been the focus of adventurous Himalayan excursions, with its snow-capped mountains, rich forests, and rough terrain. While it may appear that experiencing the excitement that these finest Himalayan climbs provide costs a fortune, this extensive list illustrates that this is not the case. Whether it’s Himachal’s snow-capped peaks or Uttarakhand’s harsh terrains. These Himalayan hikes are suitable for all skill levels and provide several of the most stunning mountain views. These Himalayan treks, which stretch from Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand, are a must-do for every trekker. Here’s a rundown of the best Himalayan treks. 

The name of the treks which are budget friendly as well as best for your getaway.  

  1. Nag tibba trek
  2. Trek of Triund
  3. Hampta pass trek
  4. Trek of Tosh
  5. Valley of flowers trek
  6. Roopkund trek
  7. Dodital trek

In the Himalayas area of ranges, India seems to have been a component of the attractions for many of the greatest winter weather mountains and lush forests. Because it has some of the world’s tallest peaks. Apart from trekking, popular activities are undertaken in this location, therefore travelling into these Himalayan peaks might be exciting. Paragliding, climbing, and seeing the lovely flora and wildlife of endangered species are all available. The Himalayas are an ideal vacation spot.

Triund trek:

Triund trekking is by far the most popular among the other excursions because of its mesmerising beauty hills, which draw a large number of people from all around the globe. It is located near Dharamshala and offers spectacular views of the Dhauladhar ranges. The intriguing Kangra region is rich in culture where the route leads to passing deep woods, snake curves make it a paradise for hikers, and all the spots to walk are within a budget of Rs 5000/-INR.

Nag tibba trek:

Nag Tibba is noted for its stunning views over Mussoorie , Colony, Bandar Poonch mountain, and Yamuna river basin as this walk is recognised as a bird’s refuge for nature enthusiasts as one can spot the unusual, different Himalayan subspecies design the journey.

Hampta pass trek:

In the Indian Himalayas, there are just a few treks that offer all of the characteristics of trekking, but Hampta pass is also one of them. It serves as a gateway to another universe in Lahaul, beautiful glacier landscapes and deep green pine trees covering the trail. Meadows leading up to the Chandratal, the changing colour of the river, and a journey via the Rohtang pass are just a few of the features of this hike, which costs 6000 INR per person.

Trek of tosh valley:

The final hamlet in Parvati valley, where one can see the picturesque beauty of lush meadows, is one of the most fruitful valleys. Tosh Valley Trekking is recognised for its wide expanses of water, deep woods, and picturesque splendour. The journey to Tosh village, 40 kilometres from Kasol, costs 1500 INR per person and takes two days.

Trek of Valley of flowers:

The Valley of Flowers provides an excellent view since it is surrounded by flower beds, and you can smell the fragrant air. That’s an uninterrupted and entirely quiet hike where you can see magnificent layers with flowers in abundance, grassland interspersed with trickling waterfalls, and dark green hills blanketed in snow over the entire walk will interest trekkers as the entire program starts around 8450 INR. The tour lasts five to six days and has a moderate difficulty level.

Roopkund trek:

Roopkund Trip is also known as Skull Lake Trek since it leads to a human skull on the lake’s side, and it also includes steep hills, meadows, and a covering between brown as well as white mountains that provide a magnificent perspective. This trek costs 8500 INR per person.

Dodital trek:

Dodital Trek is one of the most popular hiking places in Uttarakhand, where you can see the entire Himalayan range. Where you may explore lush forest, lakes, and a calm setting as the lake is supplied with genuine. Mountain springs that function as a source for the Asi Ganga. Costs less than ten thousand dollars, making it a cost-effective alternative for trekkers.


India has been amongst the attractions of the Himalayan region. With some of the best snow-capped mountains, gorgeous forests, rivers, and Himalayan treks. Because it boasts some of the highest peaks on the planet. Outside of hiking, there are many popular activities in the Himalayas, so trekking there may be exciting. It’s also possible to go paragliding, ascend, and see the beautiful flora and fauna of endangered species. 

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