Top 6 SEO Online Free Courses & Certificates

You can be an SEO professional without having the cost of an SEO certificate. Here is a list of the best SEO courses that we have included at the top of the free SEO classes for you. Each contains everything you need to upgrade the way you think about your SEO game.

Online Free Courses & Certificates

1. SEO Training Course by Moz [Udemy]

If you’re just beginning to learn SEO strategies and tactics and want an in-depth explanation of basic concepts to crucial issues, you can enrol in this no-cost SEO course offered by Moz through Udemy.

You will be taught the internal and external aspects of directing search engine traffic to your desired website. You will get a better understanding of the different strategies used by businesses to address SEO optimization.

Learn about the distinct components utilized by SEO experts, and swiftly master the vast issue of optimization for websites. This Udemy course which has been praised with many positive reviews, is the best place to begin to master the art of optimizing your website.

The Course Highlights

  • Find out what is required to become an SEO specialist, and learn how to locate the most effective keywords.
  • Get five steps of SEO auditing strategies that teach you the basics quickly.
  • Learn how to create interest for a website with low or no search traffic.
  • Learn how to create links and understand what is the meaning behind “off-page SEO.”
  • Find out everything you need to know about SERP features and reports on SEO.

Time: 3 hours and 26 mins

Level Beginning

2. SEO for Beginners (Yoast)

This amazing free training course from Yoast is worth the time. The course is presented in extremely simple language to make it easy to comprehend. The course focuses on SEO and search engine algorithms from an academic and technical perspective.

You will be taught the basics of SEO optimization as well as what you can use the Yoast SEO tool can help in ranking higher. Improve your SEO abilities by acquiring all you need to know concerning Google Analytics and the power of the appropriate keywords.

The most crucial subjects taught in this course are web crawling and the best way to evaluate it and spread the red carpet to search engines. Also, you will learn more about the search engine’s “rich outcomes” and the best way to ensure that your site is listed among them. As a newbie, it is a must to take this class.

Course Highlights

  • Learn how to make your site get more traffic from Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • Get the PDF files included with SEO training. This can help you work on your site.
  • Utilize the cheat sheet for SEO terminology to complete the task.
  • Get yourself ready by taking free online tests.
  • You’ll also get videos from Joost De Valk. Joost is who is a well-known SEO expert and the creator of Yoast.

Duration: Self-paced

Niveau from Beginner to Intermediate

3. SEO Education Courses [AhrefsSEO Training Course

Ahrefs offers a wide range of sought-after classes on SEO with high-quality reviews. For those who are just beginning you’ll enjoy this course that is taught by an acclaimed firm that is known for its detailed explanations.

The course is a brief instruction on everything you require to know about SEO techniques. You will be taught the importance of building links and discover beginner-friendly strategies for gaining backlinks to your website. How to conduct keyword searches and the best way to optimize your website for search engines.

The Course Highlights

  • Learn how to generate natural traffic as well as backlinks to your website.
  • Learn to analyse the searcher’s intent.
  • Learn how to optimize your website to be optimized for a particular search term.
  • Start by learning SEO’s technical aspects. SEO optimization.
  • It’s not necessary to sign up to take the class.

Duration 2 hours

Level Beginning

4. The Google Search Engine Optimization Beginner’s Guide for Google Dvelopers[Google Developers


Do you want your website to be more prominent on Google? Check out Google’s starting guide, which appears to be a present to digital marketing lovers. The course includes every detail you’ll need to learn about SEO optimization.

Google’s beginner guide, created especially for web developers isn’t an ordinary video course but you’ll be able to use it and will be able to refer to it at any time.

It will allow you to look over the things Google is looking for on websites and how information must be organized to appear in results for searches. This course is beneficial when trying to create Google info boxes and snippets of text.

Course Highlights

  • Learn how to make useful content that people would like to read.
  • Learn how to keep your website’s SEO.
  • Explore the crawling process and how to index.
  • Find monitoring and debugging.

Duration: Self-paced

Niveau: Beginner to Advanced

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5. SEO Learning Course for SEO [HubspotSEO Training Course]

HubSpot is a CRM platform that puts all the elements that businesses growing require to offer world-class customer service in one location. HubSpot classes are taught by top experts from all over the world.

This SEO course offered with HubSpot will provide you with the best strategy for building long-term traffic to increase your business. Learn how to create a profile for backlinks and then evaluate it.

As well for the terms crawling, indexing and authority or ranking. It is all you need to do is sign up to take the course immediately and improve the way you think about SEO. This course is extremely engaging, particularly with the free quizzes available.

Overview of Course

  • Learn to evaluate and improve the SEO on your site.
  • Create backlinks to your site on a massive scale.
  • Find out the strategies employed by HubSpot’s blog team to get the top spot on Google.
  • Implement a chronological optimization procedure to rank specific topics using blog posts.
  • Find out the number of links needed for your site to appear on Google’s initial page.

Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Niveau Beginning to Intermediate

6. SEO Unlocked [Neil Patel]

Neil Patel Digital is a well-known digital marketing company that specialises in providing services to customers all over the world. Their platform offers everything that a customer needs and includes SEO tools and digital marketing instruction taught by highly skilled experts.

SEO Unlocked with Neil Patel is the perfect course for those who want to master SEO strategies in just two months. This course is free and will guide you through an easy introduction to SEO to more complex topics such as branding and user experience.

Additionally, you will receive a personalized goal worksheet that will help you monitor your improvement. The course outline is broken down into three phases that can be executed without having to skip any topic.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to conduct proper keyword research.
  • Learn the necessary skills to be a successful content marketer.
  • Learn how to boost content.
  • Learn how to set up Google Analytics and Search Console and take advantage of the advanced features of these services.
  • Create a strong and distinctive brand.

Duration 7 weeks

Niveau: Beginner to Intermediate

Closing up!

An SEO class is your first move toward becoming an expert in SEO and using your expertise to further your career or even start the business of your dreams. With the increasing demand for digital marketing specialists, SEO specialists have several opportunities in front of them.

We hope that you find our collection of SEO classes inspiring and that you’re eager to improve your SEO game as soon as possible.

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