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Top 5 Social Media App Development Companies In London

Social Media App Development Companies

Social media applications are a critical innovation of this tech-driven era. Most phone users today utilizes at least one social media app in their daily life(social media app development companies).

From a business leader’s perspective, the social media domain is one of the most booming markets. Dominant players occupy the social media app market, but the evolution of technology is continuously unplugging new prospects.

If you have considered developing a social media app, this blog is for you. I have mentioned the best social media app development companies in London that build interactive social networking apps based on industry measures.


Established in 2007, SparxIT is a popular social media app development company in London. It creates an innovative, top-notch social media app for your business. It presents various mobile app development services like third-party integration, custom social app development, consulting, maintenance, and support.

SparxIT offers a wide range of app development solutions like blockchain, eCommerce, data intelligence, website design & development, etc. The company’s clientele incorporates well-known brands, including Motorola, Coca-Cola, D-Link, Huawei, HP, etc.

Studio Graphene

Founded in 2014, Studio Graphene is a London-based mobile app development firm that designs and creates digital products. They have a strong team of 100+ that include skilled professionals like strategists, developers, quality analysts, and product managers.

It operates on the core capabilities of strategy, design, development, etc. The company has partnerships with clients of different sizes, from startups to large organizations and global brands. The popular clients of the firm include Diageo, Nesta, Harth, Mars, etc. 


Incepteo was established in 2007, having headquarters in London. It is an entrepreneurial technology partner getting the proper combination of talents and procedures to build successful mobile apps. Since its inception, the firm has offered many services ranging from app support to hosting discovery workshops and bespoke software development.

Other services the enterprise delivers are app modernization, website & mobile app development, software product development, SaaS solutions, native apps on iOS & Android, and hybrid apps. The firm has provided solutions to brands such as Geodis, Betterlogic, Capium, etc.

Hero Team

Established in 2018, Hero Team is a digital firm based in London. It delivers technical and design support to startups, SMEs, and established enterprises worldwide. They specialize in designing and creating native phone and web apps, with a comprehensive understanding of React / React Native, Vue, angular, node, python, and ruby.

The firm also provides services to diverse industries like eCommerce, EdTech, FinTech, etc. The company has an extensive client base, including Hugo, Cuckoo Broadband, Virtuall, etc. 


Aptadmi is a mobile app development firm incorporated in 2009. They create digital products which solve intricate issues and provide rich experiences for people using the mobile, web, and digital platforms. They have proficient developers that offer numerous solutions like web development, mobile app development, blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. Popular clients include Argos, Lexus, Range Rover, etc. 

Final Thoughts

In this tech-savvy world, users look out for a digital connection, and the development of social media apps is the best solution your business can deliver. You will take the help of social networking app development services provider to create engaging social media apps with interactive user experience. I hope the above firms will assist you in building a social media app.

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