Top 5 Fun Things to Do To Keep You Busy on a Long Flight

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Being on a plane for more than 10 hours is one of the reasons many people decide not to travel. We know this is quite a weird reason but people do have questions about what to do on air. However, we have discovered that time will seem to pass more quickly if you take the right decisions. You have to schedule your airtime as you would do with your vacation agenda. The majority of the time we usually spend sleeping, and taking in the feel of being on air.  Nonetheless, the secret to avoiding boredom during your waking hours is to have a variety of activities to do. Let’s say you are flying with United Airlines Reservations, then you can avail plenty of onboard entertainment options. Depending on what you want to do, you may attempt something offline as well. For your ease, here we present a few suggestions for improving the experience of your long flight.

Top fun activities to try onboard:

1. Create Vacation Schedule

Your flight is the right opportunity to create the ideal vacation schedule if you were preoccupied with work before flying. Or you may have booked your trip at the last minute without doing much research on the location. However, you should have done that a few days before your flight. We also advise conducting internet research, making a list of all the places, and saving those locations to Google Maps. On the plane, you may then design a more thorough schedule with the sights you want to see. You may choose which days to go, and combine locations that are close to one another. You’ll have access to the full internet for researching the best things to see. This is because almost all long-haul planes have WiFi. After choosing a general or specific strategy, be careful to document it in writing. Alternatively, you can also check out reviews on the internet about the particular place and hotels you will check in at. See, you got your very first idea to do something interesting while onboard.

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2. Write travel journal

Do you frequently travel, already keep a diary, or think it would be something you may have an interest in? Then, why not spend the time to reflect on your most recent trip and list all of its highlights? We recommend you go for this activity as it will be a good pastime. Your future self will appreciate the happy recollections of those beautiful times. It’s a terrific method to recall the little things that would otherwise slip your mind. You can use any format you like to write your travel journal. Further, we advise doing so while you are coming back from your dream location. You will be on your return flight and writing stuff when everything is still fresh in your memory.

3. Listen to music

If you are traveling on United Airlines flights, for instance, you will get onboard entertainment options for sure. However, amongst all, we recommend you to listen to thousands of available music. Listening to your favorite music is, of course, a very popular activity to do on a long-haul flight. Alternatively, before flying, download playlists that include all-time favorite songs and some fresh music you think you might like. Another excellent choice is podcasts, which are available for a wide range of topics. It includes self-help, football, talk programs, and comedy sketches. You may use a variety of platforms on air to listen to your favorite podcast. However, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other major platforms have amazing features and content.

4. Watch fun movie

The most apparent and best thing we can think of to do on a lengthy flight is this. No matter the airline, long-haul in-flight entertainment is typically excellent. You’ll get to watch movies that aren’t yet available for home entertainment. Watch the newest and best movies while relaxing in your seat! See what’s available for your travel dates by visiting the website of your airline. Alternatively, bring your phone, laptop, or tablet and download a ton of TV series and movies before your flight. This is if the aircraft you’re traveling on doesn’t offer personal entertainment screens or you’re not sure if it does. Your flight time will be nicely occupied by each movie for a few hours.

5. Try onboard food

If you are foody, what would be the fun activity for you other than the food itself? Let’s say you have United Airlines booking to a long-distance location. Onboard, United Economy passengers can savor a selection of food, beverages, and more. Some are offered free of charge, while you have the option to purchase others. Depending on where you’re flying to, different products can be accessible. On all flights, there is free access to non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. This includes coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juice. Additionally, on your long-haul international flights, they offer free wine and beer in addition to a bar. There are many dining options available to you on a flight. Be you choose to fly with United or any other airline. We are sure you will find some of these foods to be unique so trying them will be enjoyable.

Bonus point: Meet new folks

We thought you would like to know a little more about what to do while in the air. So we thought to add this bonus point for your knowledge. Meeting new people is one of the hidden pleasures of traveling by air. Rarely, you do find yourself surrounded by as many people from various backgrounds as you do on a flight. You might meet some interesting people at this time. Even though you don’t want to bother someone, don’t be scared to talk to your neighbor. Perhaps they share your boredom. One never knows what they’ll find or who they’ll run into. Or what knowledge you might be able to impart to another person. The most random encounters could end up being the most memorable ones. So make a point of introducing yourself to your seatmate!

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Bottom Lines:

Surely, you can try one or two of these activities and avail tons of entertainment throughout your journey. Also, please note that if you are planning to fly with United, do check out their website. There, you will find cheap United Airlines tickets for your favorite destination.


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