Top 5 Discord Alternatives for 2022

Voice and text chat apps are excellent ways to communicate with coworkers in real-time. Many professionals and gamers are already collaborating and exchanging crucial information via voice and text chat apps.

Many individuals, particularly gamers, utilize Discord, a popular application. It gets all of the credit for allowing gamers to collaborate in the periphery of games, whether friends or coworkers.

There are plenty of possibilities for you if you’re looking for a Discord alternatives social audio app due to server raids, chat bombardment, or individuals harassing you.

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Slack is a popular team messaging app. It allows you to collaborate more quickly by providing a centralized event feed.

Compared to Discord, it offers more value in terms of integration with other third-party programs.


  • @mentions
  • An intuitive user interface allows you to capture people’s attention and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • With the option to upload files, you may easily share your critical files and photographs with eight people.


  • A Standard plan costs $6.67 per month per user.
  • A monthly fee of $12.50 per user is included in the Plus plan.


  • 5 stars on G2 and 6 stars on GetApp


While Discord is a fantastic gaming tool, it lacks end-to-end encryption, which means your interactions aren’t as secure as you’d like them to be. Suppose you’re serious about privacy and seek the finest Discord replacement that offers superior privacy. You should certainly check out Element – a text and audio chat app that supports end-to-end encryption.

Element is designed particularly for team collaborations, and as a result, it comes with several tools to assist you in streamlining your team’s workflow. Element, based on the Matrix open communications protocol, allows you to communicate with anyone in the ecosystem.

It’s very useful if you wish to communicate with someone who uses Matrix-based software. While not specifically built for gaming, Element can be used by gamers, and lets users communicate any message, image, video, or file with groups of any size. There is now support for group video and phone calls as well.

Features to Look For

  • Low-latency calls using the E2E Clean UI Matrix protocol
  • All types of files can be transferred. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the Web are all supported platforms.


  •  free
  • “Nickel” subscription for $2 per user per month
  • A monthly “silver” package costs $3 per user.
  •  “Gold” plan costs $4 per user per month
  • “Platinum” plan was created specifically for you.


  • 4 out of 5 stars on G2
  •  9 out of 10 on Google Play


For online gaming, TeamSpeak is the most used VoIP communication technology. It employs crystal clear sound to connect with team members cross-platform with military-grade security, lag-free performance, and unsurpassed reliability in the market as a Discord alternatives.

TeamSpeak’s best features include:

  • Automatic microphone volume control, background noise reduction, and echo cancellation ensure lag-free conversation.
  • As a matter of course, integrated military-grade security is included.
  • Decide who is allowed to speak, who is allowed to join channels, and much more.
  • Over 100 add-ons, skins, and voice packs are available.
  • It is a cloud-based solution that makes it simple to synchronize your servers, settings, and preferences across all of your devices.


The cost of TeamSpeak is determined by how quickly you download and install the server software, as well as how quickly you register for a Gamer License. You can then choose from their Gamer License price plans

  • Annual renewal of 1 virtual server for $55
  • Two virtual servers for $100 
  • 2 virtual servers with 256 slots for $175 per annum
  • Annual renewal of 2 virtual servers with 512 slots for $300
  • f 2 virtual servers with 1024 slots for $500


  • 4 stars on Google Play Store
  • Trustpilot has given us an 8 out of 10 ratings.


Chanty is a task management and team communication app. It allows you to communicate with your team via chat and voice messaging, as well as audio and video calls. Manage tasks from a single location – within the Chanty app, you can convert communications into tasks and assign them to your team members. Integrate Chanty with third-party apps like Trello, Asana, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Mailchimp, Giphy, and others to increase productivity.

Chanty’s best features include:

  • Message history that can be searched indefinitely
  • Task management – using your communications to create tasks
  • Board of Kanban
  • Audio and video calls are available.
  • Book hub for the team
  • Messages by voice
  • Sharing a screen
  • Messages @ mentions that have been pinned
  • Threads of discussion
  • Theme: gloomy

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was not designed with gamers in mind or Discord alternatives, but anyone can use it. You can talk with your teammates in real-time and map out a strategy similar to Discord. Now voice and video calls support both individuals and groups.

Not to mention that you may send files utilizing MS Teams, with a massive upload capacity of 100GB. Discord pales, in contrast, as the free plan allows for only 8MB of file transmission and the premium Nitro plan allows for 50MB. In addition, Microsoft Teams now has a free plan with decent features.

However, the only disadvantage of Microsoft Teams is that you can’t host public or private communities, which can be a pain point for gamers and most Discord users. Nonetheless, MS Teams is a solid choice if you seek a free tool similar to Discord for real-time collaboration with your peers.

Features to Look For

  • Work together with your teammates
  • There is a 100GB file upload restriction.
  • Chat, voice, and video calls are all options.
  • There is a free tier available.
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the Web are all supported platforms.


Free, with a paid plan beginning at $5 per month.


  • 4.5 stars from Gartner
  • radius Trust: 8.1/10

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the top Discord alternatives available. As you can see, there are other similar applications available on the market, each with its own set of capabilities that you may use for gaming or in a business context.

While some of these apps are primarily designed for gamers (such as Discord), others contain useful productivity features that might aid your office workflow.

I use Telegram the most out of the bunch because I’ve been using it for a long time and am familiar with the interface. If Telegram does not meet your requirements, you can try any of the other Discord clones.

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