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Tips to Choose a Parsons Table

Whether you want to place your new table in your dining room or create a modern, industrial-style space, there are a few tips to choose a Parsons table. This streamlined design is easy to pair with any style of furniture, be it Eames chairs, oriental lamps, or imposing woodwork. A simple, white tabletop can also work to create a sleek, streamlined look. So, go now and read the article to know more about the tips before buying a parsons table.


The size of a Parsons table is completely customizable. You can customize the size, shape, and material down to the inch! You can choose from wood, metal, or plastic. The table base is hand-welded in Wisconsin or Minnesota. You can also have it customized to fit your specific space. No two tables are the same, so choose carefully! If you’re interested in customizing your table, contact a furniture maker to see if it’s possible.

The Parsons table is a sturdy, rectangular or square table with four square legs forming four corners of the top. The leg diameter is equal to the top’s thickness. The table might have been conceived as a class project, but it was also influenced by early works by French and U.S. interior designers, including Joseph B. Platt, connected to the Paris branch of the Parsons School of Design.

The design of a Parsons table is sleek and streamlined, making it an easy piece of furniture to match with almost any style. These tables look great with Eames chairs, Oriental lamps, and ornate antiques. They can also look good with simple tabletop decorations and can even be pushed against the wall for a mudroom or foyer. These versatile pieces are the perfect centerpiece for any room in the house.

The size of a Parsons table is an important consideration when choosing a new table. The tabletop and legs should be the same width as the tabletop. You don’t want to make a huge mistake by purchasing the wrong size table. The larger the table, the more people will want to gather around it. Fortunately, there are several models and options available for you. All of them are affordable, and will help you find a beautiful table that’s just right for you.


There are many benefits to a Parsons table, including infinite customization. The choice of top, base, and finish is completely up to you. These sturdy tables are hand-welded in Wisconsin or Minnesota and are available in both natural and stained finishes. They are also easy to maintain and repair. You may choose to stain or varnish your table to add a protective layer to the wood. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a parsons table, the finish will also extend the life of the piece.

If you choose to use a parsons table in the living room, make sure you select a table with a contrasting finish. The finish should stand out but not overpower the space. You can choose a table that is a bold color and add multiples for a balanced look. You can even purchase a custom-sized parsons table if the room you are decorating is small. In this case, you may choose a lighter color that is more suited to the room.

Wood oils are an excellent finish choice. These protect the wood from spills and enhance its natural colour. Oils require regular reapplying but are inexpensive and easy to apply. They last longer than wax and are the most durable option for your table. You may want to consider using wax on your parsons table if you are concerned about the oil-based finish. But it is also important to keep in mind that oil-based finishes are susceptible to yellowing over time and need extra refinishing.

Extension options

Whether you have a limited amount of space or would prefer a more traditional look, a Parsons table is a timeless addition to any entertaining space. They have clean, simple lines and can complement a variety of styles and decorating themes. Various finish options are available to match your decor. If your interior has a traditional aesthetic, choose a color that coordinates with the other pieces in the room. If your decor is eclectic, try mixing different finishes to create a unique look. To ensure a comfortable seating experience for the whole family, consider an extension for your table.


Parsons tables are a timeless classic that fits well in any interior design theme. Their straight lines and simple construction make them the perfect choice for minimalist settings. These versatile tables come in two sizes, large and small, which make them ideal for directing traffic in a room. They are also ideal for use in retail spaces, where they are typically mass-produced. As a result, they are a mainstay in clothing and apparel stores and are popular in many boutiques.

The simplicity of the Parsons Game Table’s profile makes it one of the most versatile tables available. Its white-wash finish brings a clean look to the design, while the simple structure gives it plenty of seating space. Moreover, its compact size makes it perfect for a variety of spaces, including family rooms, dens, and game rooms. With so many uses, you can rest assured that you will find a Parsons Table that fits your needs perfectly.

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