Tips For Starting a Franchise & Expand Branding With Gojek Clone

The Gojek Clone app is a fantastic platform where your customers can find more than 82+ on-demand services. Just a few taps are enough to book a service on the app. But what about the businesses registering with your platform? Can they benefit from your app?

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • What is Gojek-like app?
  • How does a franchise work?
  • Benefits of the franchise to the app owner, user, and service provider

What is Gojek-like app?

The Gojek-like mobile app is somewhat similar to the original Indonesian Gojek app. It is an on-demand app that offers more than 82 services. The services include taxi booking, online video consultation, on-demand service providers, and so on!

Customers only have to install the app and save vast storage space on their phones. In brief, this mobile application is an all-in-one platform to offer extreme comfort and convenience to the customers.

Then, what’s the need to start a franchise?

The Gojek Clone app is a platform that benefits the customers as well as the service providers. You might already know that many individual businesses also register themselves on this app. Thus, a franchise is the best option for individual enterprises to expand their market and earn more. With the same thoughts, let’s look at how a franchise works!

How Does a Franchise Work on a Gojek-like App?

A business that registers with the app can apply for a franchise! Every employee or specialist of that business can register on the app individually and, in their spare time, provide services at the user’s location (at-home services).

For instance, every massage therapist in a spa can register themselves on the app and take up at-home service appointments. Individuals can make more money with double income sources:

  • Income from online services rendered through a Gojek-like app.
  • Regular monthly salaries and incentives from the spa they work in!

Benefits of Gojek Clone App Franchise

Here are all the benefits of opting for a franchise:

For users

When all the massage therapists register with the app, the users will get numerous options to pick a suitable professional. After searching for the service they want, customers can see multiple profiles on the app screen. After which, they can choose their preferred massage therapists based on their experience, proximity to the location,  ratings & reviews, past work, safety badges, and so on.

The best part is that customers don’t have to book an appointment and drive to the spa to get a relaxing massage. They can straightaway call the professionals at home. Also, these professionals come carrying everything from towels to the table and essential oils.

For service providers

As mentioned, the service providers can 2X their income by offering additional services in their spare time. The Gojek Clone allows the providers to show themselves online anytime they want to and take up the job according to their convenience.

In short, the service provider makes money from these additional services plus the monthly salaries credited by their employers.

For app owners

With a franchise, even the app owners benefit by making more money. More service providers will render their services and pay more commissions or purchase Membership Subscription Plans.

In short, more money will flow in from the franchise, which the app owner can add to their PROFITS!


On the whole, starting a franchise with the Gojek Clone App will turn beneficial. And in a short time, the results will speak volumes for themselves! So, if you want the business to register and make more money, then allow them to start a franchise with you! The more money they make, the better it would be for your on-demand multi-service platform.

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