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Tips for Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin, Including Acne Scar Gel

If you’re frustrated with blemishes that won’t clear, old scars left by acne, or experience skin sensitivity on top of getting breakouts, don’t despair. You can be on your way to clearer skin with a bit of patience, great products, and advice from your dermatologist if needed. The following tips may help provide a framework for what to do if you have acne-prone and sensitive skin. You have options, from advanced acne scar gel to help improve the look of scars to a targeted cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. To get results, be sure to pay attention to what you’re putting on your face and how your skin reacts.

Scrubbing Can Irritate Acne-Prone Skin

It’s always best to be gentle with sensitive skin, even when using a washcloth. Scrubbing your skin can make acne worse. You may also be tempted to pick at pimples or scrub on blackheads. Don’t do it! Also, avoid using gritty cleansers and abrasive exfoliants. These products can irritate your skin or cause redness. Many excellent formulas are gentle but effective.

Use a Cleanser Made for Sensitive Skin

You only need to wash your face twice daily with lukewarm water and then gently pat dry. Washing your face more often than twice a day may irritate your skin. Look for a specific calming and soothing cleanser made for sensitive skin. Antioxidants, vitamins, aloe vera, and chamomile are beneficial ingredients to keep in mind. You want your skin to maintain its moisture level after cleansing, not feel stripped or dry. You also want to feel like your face is clean without leaving it raw or red. Clean, refreshed, and hydrated are the goals.

Try a Healing and Hydrating Serum

How do you soothe and rejuvenate the look of skin damaged by scars left by acne, the sun, or even laser or chemical treatments? Consider using a scientifically-backed, healing anti aging serum. A marine growth factor such as c-PDRN® may help improve the look of the skin’s tone, texture, and radiance. The patented marine growth factor, c-PDRN®, has also been shown to improve the appearance of wrinkles and revive elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is also beneficial for boosting moisture and supporting natural collagen production. You can find an excellent serum with these ingredients without a prescription.

Choose an Oil-Free Acne Scar Gel

If you have old or new acne scars, you may be able to improve their appearance with a well-formulated oil-free acne scar gel for all skin types. Seek an advanced product designed to help with the look of pink or red post-acne scars. Ingredients such as allium cepa (onion) bulb extract and allantoin offer antioxidant protection and seal in moisture. These ingredients, along with c-PDRN®, are helpful for those with sensitive skin. Like in all your products, you don’t want irritating or harsh ingredients in your scar gel.

See a Dermatologist and Use Dermatologist-Recommended Products

Dealing with acne on top of having sensitive skin can be challenging. You may need to see a dermatologist instead of addressing it by yourself. The doctor can recommend a plan to help you with your particular skin type. They can also suggest products to help you reclaim your skin. Ingredients-focused and science-based skincare products backed by top dermatologists are ideal. It may not be as complicated as you think to get the skin healing you need and deserve.

About Rejuran®

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