Things You Should Be Looking For While Buying A New Smartphone

Phones Under 10000

Purchasing a new mobile phones under 10000 may be a thrilling experience. It’s similar to receiving a brand new toy to experiment and discover a plethora of new possibilities.

However, with so many distinct phones available on the market, it can be difficult for some people to find the one that is most suited to their needs.

And, given how expensive some smartphones are these days, you don’t want to be trapped with a phone for a couple of years that doesn’t quite meet your needs and causes you frustration now and then.

The following are crucial considerations to make while purchasing Mobile Phones Under 10000 to avoid a situation like this. Some of the ideas listed below may seem apparent, but they are nonetheless important to consider.


For individuals that rely on intensive video streaming or video conferencing, the speakers and the quality of the audio coming out of them can be an important parameter to consider if you enjoy listening to music while on the road, look for mobile phones under 10000 with front-facing speakers.

This ensures that sound is heard even when the smartphone is held in landscape mode. Alternatively, if you don’t engage in video streaming or video conferencing, a standard handset with bottom speakers might suffice. 


This is one aspect in which mobile phones under 10000 rupees outperform even the most costly models. When choosing a phone with a battery capacity of at least 5000 mAh, you won’t have any problems.

Furthermore, there are phones available with a battery capacity of 6000 mAh. Charging time is one of the potential drawbacks you may encounter. You will be provided with chargers ranging in power from 10 watts to 18 watts by most companies.

Obtaining a high-capacity charger is one source of concern. On the other hand, a huge battery indicates that you won’t have to charge it every day. As long as you don’t use your phone excessively, you should be able to get by with it for at least 1.5 to 2 days.

Screen Size

Since there is no standard viewfinder, you’ll need two hands to hold your best mobile phones under 10000 and use the screen as a viewfinder and shutter release.

As a result, the larger the screen, the more information you’ll receive. Also, if the screen of a smartphone is made of Gorilla Glass, that’s a good thing because it’s more scratch-resistant. The higher the screen resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

Therefore verify the phone’s specifications for this. A competition is currently underway to build a smartphone with the smallest possible bezel and a notch-free and chin-free design. It’s a difficult task, but several manufacturers are close to doing it.

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It is also one of the most important factors you should consider when purchasing the best mobile phones under 10000 price range.

Around two years, while purchasing a smartphone, users had to make do with an internal capacity that ranged from 32GB to a maximum of 64GB.

Things, on the other hand, have altered dramatically. Therefore, if you are a prospective buyer in the market, you should always strive to purchase a phone with 128GB of internal storage space or more.

Number of Cameras

Another field in which there has been a great deal of innovation is the camera market. Taking high-quality photos is not a luxury that those with high-end devices can only enjoy.

Many phones include a single main camera with a resolution ranging from 48MP to 64MP, which is common. Even front-facing cameras have improved, with 16MP cameras becoming more common at this price bracket.

Another popular feature is slow-motion video recording. Other features include a night mode, electronic stabilization, portrait modes, and a wide range of filter options.

Lenses & Zoom

Premium upcoming mobile lenses are superb, and they can occasionally provide a better aperture than those found in compact digital cameras.

Plus, because manufacturers want smartphones to be as small as possible, there isn’t much room for optical zoom, so they usually have a prime wide-angle lens, or a variety of prime lenses, instead, and we all know the advantages of primes over zooms.

Using your feet instead of the smartphone’s pinch-zoom feature will result in a far better photo. Clip-on lenses are another alternative, and many manufacturers, including well-known lens manufacturer ZEISS, now offer them. 

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