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These 2 yoga asanas are very beneficial in all throat problems

There are many yoga asanas for sore throat, pain phlegm, etc. which remove this problem. And the sore throat is cured.

In the changing season, problems like sore throat start happening. Sometimes our throat can also get sore due to our talking too much. Or because of loud speaking or screaming, there is a pain in the throat. There can be different reasons for sore throat. But yoga is such a practice that a sore throat is also cured and when you practice these yoga asanas, throat problems start getting cured in a few days. When the throat healers do yoga asanas, the muscles of the throat are relaxed. Throat glands are activated, due to which throat problems are removed.

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1. Singhasana


The muscles of the throat are strengthened by doing Singhasana. When we move the tongue out sharply, we feel a stretch in our neck. Due to this our throat muscles become active and become warm. And due to this, problems like sore throat, pain, phlegm, burning, blisters, etc. are cured. This asana also strengthens our jaw.

How to do Singhasana:

  • First, bend both your legs and turn the heels outwards and sit on the toes. This will be some Vajrasana-like position.
  • And the left thumb of the foot will be above the right thumb.
  • Keep the waist, and neck straight, and keep both your hands on the knees.
  • Rest for some time and prepare your body for Singhasana and in the same position take both your knees away from each other.
  • The fingers of both hands will be on the inside and keep the palms between the knees.
  • Look in the front, after that take a long deep breath in, and while exhaling, touch your body slightly forward.
  • Then roar like a lion sticking out your tongue.
  • In this, try to see the middle of the forehead with both your open eyes. Quickly stick out the tongue. And then hold in this position for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this roaring action 5-6 times. Hold 5-6 seconds after each action.

2. Ushtrasana


By doing Ustrasana, the neck is backward, due to which there is a strain in the neck muscles. Due to this the circulation of blood in the neck area increases. Simultaneously, it puts strain on our trachea (throat pipe) and the glands of our mouth become active. Due to this, our saliva improves. And the pain of the glands is reduced. Due to this, the muscles of our throat become strong. And due to these, from pricking in the throat to other diseases like swelling, pain in the throat, etc.

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How to do Ushtrasana:

  • First, bend both the knees and sit on the toes.
  • Keep both hands on the waist. While inhaling, stand on your knees.
  • And make a gap between both the knees equal to the shoulder.
  • While inhaling, take both hands towards the sky and try to hold your heels one by one.
  • Exhale slowly and come back.
  • Hold 30 seconds in this posture.


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