The World of VR Games: Their Types And Accessories

VR Games

VR gaming refers to a new generation of computer games that work on the principles of VR technology. A three-dimensional artificial environment is applied to computer games during virtual reality gaming. These artificial environments are created with virtual reality software. Consequently, the users feel completely immersed in the virtual world.

The simplest virtual reality game involves a three-dimensional image that users can explore interactively on a screen with the help of a mouse or a touch screen. A most sophisticated experience is provided by a wrap-around display screen, VR headset, and wearable components (like scents, sensor-equipped gloves and haptics devices) in augmented VR rooms.

An Era of VR Gaming

Virtual reality games were dreamt about long before they were invented. VR gaming made use of multiple screens or projector rooms before compact technology was developed. The games used to be controlled via game controllers, a standard mouse and keyboard, and motion capture methods. More sophisticated VR rooms comprise treadmill floors or similar techniques.

Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR are some of the VR headsets available in the market currently. Almost all of these come with a tracker and motion sensing controllers that work together with the headset. While some provide a VR experience in the whole room, others can only be used in a stationary position. Besides entertainment, VR games are employed in VR therapy and various training sessions.

VR gaming is very different from augmented reality gaming in the sense that it integrates digital content with the user’s real-world environment. Several subsets of virtual reality use similar technologies known as mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR), which present virtual elements in the real world of the player that can be viewed through a camera or a headset. Lenovo Explorer software employs the Windows MR platform, which is VR focused but also introduces novel MR and VR experiences to the users.

Different Types of VR Games

VR games can be either played individually or as online multiplayer games. In some VR games, players are placed in physical combat scenarios, while in others, they face less confrontational environments like in cases of acrobatic flying and auto racing. In other VR games, the players are challenged to move things, solve puzzles, or explore new places either by themselves or with other players.

VR gaming towers and laptops are widely used platforms for VR gaming, but VR gaming can be of different types depending on the device used to play them.

Virtual reality games on laptops and PCs:

High-end computers offer highly detailed virtual scenarios and gaming options through VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality games on gaming consoles:

Even though these VR games are very similar to those played on a PC, they are able to perform only on gaming consoles from particular manufacturers. The PlayStation VR platform or headset is the main example of such VR games.

Virtual reality games on mobile phones:

Smartphone manufacturers have also started introducing their own controllers, headsets, and games for mobile virtual reality gaming. Samsung Gear VR is one such platform.

VR Gaming Accessories

Some popular VR gaming accessories are given below:

VR Gaming goggles and headsets:

The VR gaming accessory the players use on their heads is the most important one as it decides how immersive the game is going to be. The products in this category are growing fast and range from high-end motion-control VR headsets capable of capturing and transmitting the user’s complete eye and head movements to simpler forms of virtual reality goggles that only display the three-dimensional environment of the virtual reality games to the user.

VR gaming controllers:

These VR accessories can translate the player’s physical actions in the gaming hub into game performance. Examples of these are the gamepad, joystick, and VR gaming gloves.


With the progression of technology, the hardware related to virtual reality gaming has reached a maturation point. The users achieve a great experience with the VR headsets without facing lag or the feeling of nausea, the two problems users would face historically.

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