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The Ultimate Guide to Building The Verandah of Your Dreams

A verandah is frequently viewed as an addition to your inside living area, providing a place to rest, unwind, and take in the calm. These days many people use their verandahs to extend the home’s functionality with activities such as yoga, scrapbooking or even crafting. A well-designed verandah will fit your lifestyle and provide you with a sense of peace after a long day.

Even if you want to easily appreciate the long days spent outside, the extreme heat and humidity could make you uneasy. Easing the heat is easily accomplished with a few steps to help get your body temperature down, enabling you to relax and enjoy being outdoors. From picnics to pool parties, barbecue meals, to beach days, there are endless summer activities lingering for you to spend more time outdoors in your verandah. You can feel physically exhausted by the end of the day when the temperatures start to rise and outside entertainment picks up speed. Have a look at the points to build a verandah of your dreams.

Make It Suit Your Lifestyle

Most people who buy a home with a verandah don’t use it properly. Before designing your verandah, ask yourself why you are building the verandah. Is it for relaxing and enjoying morning coffee? Or maybe you prefer a place to bring the kids together so they can enjoy an evening meal while watching the sunset. The answers to these questions will help you choose the furniture and the number of seats you need.

The Proper Lighting

Most people don’t think about lighting when they consider installing a verandah. But, it’s one of the key elements in ensuring you can use your new verandah to its full potential. The purpose of the verandah, along with your budget and the materials used to construct it, will all influence how you choose to light it.

Choosing Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most difficult steps for verandah. There are thousands of colors available to you, which means it can be overwhelming to choose one scheme to work with. The safest method to play around with patterns is to pick a color scheme and stick with it while experimenting with pattern and print rhythm. For the greatest results, try to have at least three different patterns.

Proper Positioning

When choosing a place to position your furniture outside, it’s all about positioning. A corner setting, for example, can take advantage of both the morning and afternoon sun or provide shelter from too-hot rays when you need it most. Privacy can also be another bonus to choosing a particular positioning.


While there are various ways to build a verandah of your dreams from Verandah Builder, picking the right verandah design is done to match its usage. Whether it’s at the rear of your home where your family likes to sit in the evening and chat with friends, or positioned on the side of the house from where your children can meet their friends on the way home from school. Every verandah is special.

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