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The motive to have Professional Indemnity Insurance Malaysia

Yes, it is boring. Insurance is generally. You’d probably prefer to read an article titled “5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Professional indemnity insurance Malaysia Cover,” we’re pretty sure. It will only add to your already groaning overhead costs. Here is yet another to add to your expanding collection of insurance policies. What will become of it all? 

However, if we informed you that it is unnecessary, we wouldn’t be favouring you. (However, it might increase our popularity.) Professional indemnity insurance (PI) can rescue a firm. 

You need professional indemnity insurance because it will defend you if a client alleges you didn’t do your job correctly. It covers the costs of the legal procedure, pays any compensation due, and hopefully preserves your reputation in the process. 

But you don’t think you’ll ever find yourself in such a jam, do you? Here are five reasons why getting professional indemnity insurance is a brilliant idea and a terrific one for your protection—even a need.

5 compelling reasons to get professional indemnity insurance 

1. All people make errors. 

Although you may believe you are impervious to mistakes, everyone makes mistakes occasionally. Even the most skilled professional sometimes makes mistakes. Otherwise, someone makes a mistake on their behalf. 

Situations may work against you. Like when a person you depend on to accomplish something doesn’t do it when they say they will, causing a project to be delayed. Or they perform poorly. Remember that you are liable for the faults made by your subcontractors. 

Additionally, unhappy customers make things very tough for you even when you haven’t done anything wrong. 

You know the type of behaviour—suing each other, badmouthing your name in public. That occurs frequently.  Additionally, they won’t only sue you for your involvement if they claim it was your fault that a project went wrong. They will demand repayment equal to the total contract value. To pay for that, you’ll need ample funds.

2. Your T&Cs are insufficient 

Before beginning a project, getting the client to sign a contract with terms and conditions included is always a smart move. They lay out the guidelines for your work, including what is and isn’t expected. They can be as sassy and intricate as you like. It even appears to be watertight. 

But your client won’t give a hoot about your terms and conditions if something goes wrong. They will demand payment if they incur losses and believe it was your responsibility. Who can blame them, though? You’d act similarly. Even worse, if a judge sides with them, you’ll be stuck paying a sizable sum for attorney fees and damages. Now is the time to call your bank manager to have one of “those” conversations.

3. Your customer is not necessarily your friend

In most cases, your clients will likely think highly of you and how much you value them. But when money is involved, that can quickly be abandoned. If there is doubt that the client, who initially appears to be a laid-back Jekyll, was sold short or didn’t get all they paid for, they will swiftly transform into a Hyde. 

Establishing your professional connections on the foundations of honesty, respect, and good faith is an excellent idea. But if you believe anything can be resolved with a friendly conversation, a firm handshake, and a grin, you might be in shock.

When a client asks why her project has gone $50,000 over budget, respect and good faith don’t factor in. Or why her new website isn’t bringing in the money you predicted it would. Or the reason she has assessed a hefty fee for filing her tax return late. Frequently, this is followed by an unfriendly compensation request.

4. You’re committed to the long haul. 

Being your boss is one of the best aspects of owning a business. When you work under contract, you have the flexibility to come in, go out, get paid, and go on. 

You go fast forward with business. You may believe you won’t live long enough to experience genuine headaches. And after you’re done, it won’t be your concern anymore. Wrong. When just because your contract expires, your liability does not. Additionally, errors might take weeks, months, or even years to manifest themselves.

The duration and timing of the contract are largely immaterial. And if you made a mistake that cost your client money, they will pursue you no matter how long in the past. That puts you at risk for long-term claims rather than just immediate ones.

5. The sums make sense 

Perhaps you consider professional indemnity insurance to be a pricey extravagance. You wouldn’t need to pay for yet another monthly Direct Debit. (With no conflicts of interest, btw.)  You could spend a couple of hundred pounds on many more significant things. Take, for instance, that new iPhone. Or a caramel latte every other day (with a croissant, of course). 

In addition, you can contact your lawyer for assistance if something goes wrong. They demand I think, $150 per hour. Legal claims can be pretty expensive, intricate, and time-consuming. You’ll need legal counsel if a client sues you to ensure the best possible outcome. You incur the risk of losing in court if the case goes to trial or of having to settle the claim. Your legal fees and any awarded compensation might cost you tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

That makes the cost of professional indemnity insurance look low.

Therefore, you require professional indemnity insurance. 

There are additional benefits to purchasing professional indemnity insurance. Similar to being able to rest comfortably at night knowing that your company is secure. We did, however, agree to stop at five.  PI is trustworthy, which is extremely important in a world complete with uncertainty. You must have it since many contracts, and professional associations require it because it is recognised and valued. 

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