The Importance of a 2D Animation Production Company in 2022

Animations have always been a part of the entertainment industry, where it all started with the creation of 2d cartoons that got all the limelight needed for any new invention. Here cartoons did great and seeing this, producers began implementing it in movies. Many of the childhood movies that you still remember, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a prime example of such movies. Since people had little or no knowledge about the advanced technique, they hired a 2d animation production company that handled all their affairs, from generating ideas to launching the final product.

Animation has evolved over the years into something better. From 2d to motion graphics, we have come a long way. Thanks to the technological advancement that has helped companies optimize their productivity and performance through various means. Seeing the popularity and success of animation, the marketing industry started taking a keen interest in it. Soon they were seen using different types of animations to attract a much larger audience. They used 3d and 2d characters and objects with some illusion of movements to add life to the scene. These videos uniquely conveyed the brand’s message keeping the users hooked to the brand.

How important is a 2d animation production company?

2D animation refers to creating videos or images by creating characters and objects in a two-dimensional space by placing the images one after another to create an illusion of movement. This adds life to the pictures or videos. Here each sec contains 24 frameworks to provide depth to the scene. However, 2d animation is a traditional way of animating characters by drawing the pictures by hand and placing them one after another. The 2d animation production company works in the best way possible to create time-consuming yet successful branding campaigns with traditional animation.

You might think it to be a challenging task depending on how much knowledge or experience you have about animations. So we might not have a correct answer if 2d animation is complex or easy. The process starts with drawing images on paper or a software with a pencil. But one needs to work on the static drawing skills to create beautiful and engaging animations that make the scene come to life when put together. There are many examples of companies making animated videos to promote their brands. It is because people feel more connected to brands.

An animated video can attract users and keep them engaged. This increases brand loyalty. Recent research shows that people feel more connected and attracted to videos and images than to texts. It means the visuals have the ability to leave an impact on customers while keeping them hooked to the screens. Further, it helps them understand the message clearly and implement it in real life. Often it leads to on-the-spot sales. Thus, animators encourage companies to opt for animated videos to narrate a story or convey a brand’s message through engaging video.

3 Best 2D Animation Companies

  • Explain Ninja

The 3D and 2d animation production company was developed in 2012 in Warsaw. Its branches are in Poland and worldwide, providing excellent video development services to its clients. The well-recognized animation company helps new startups, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises like Google. It has placed itself among the best animation companies, creating attention-grabbing animated videos for companies worldwide. Further, the company makes different videos like product marketing videos, commercials, explainer videos, etc.

The company or studio has completed more than 700 projects for clients globally. They have the best video production process for companies while offering briefings, illustrations, storyboards, scripts, and animations.

  • Shoot You

Shoot You, another animation video and film production company, steals the limelight for immersive videos. With its headquarters in London, Amsterdam, and New York, it works to create engaging videos that keep the customers hooked to their screens. We have always believed animation is an art where the developers need to get creative with their ideas and implementation, and here Shoot You proves it. It has won many awards for movies and animations. These include big brands like GSK, UNICEF, WHO, BBC, Intel, etc. However, it also provides services for small businesses, helping them start strongly with a clear message.

The company comes up with original ideas and styles that make videos stand out from the basic ones and attract customers faster. Since the studio has millions of customers with a high sense of creativity, they love all their videos or movies of different types, highlighting various issues.

  • Blu Blu Studios

Blu Blu is a 2d animation production company located in Poland and USA since 2014. It is one of the biggest animation studios in Eastern Europe. Above that, it has facilitated many famous clients like Twitter, Forbes, The New York Times, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, etc. Moreover, it provides next-level video production and animation techniques that enable companies to create a competitive advantage. It is known for its 2D animation. But it also includes motion graphics, explainer videos, cartoons, animated videos, commercials, book illustrations, and others. The company has been in business for a long time and is creating wonders in the field of marketing by advertising brands, products and services through this means.

  • Studio Pigeon

One of the leading 2D animation production companies, Studio Pigeon, is located in Poland with a global market within the digital reach. The studio was built in 2011 with a small team of developers to create eye-catching videos for users. It was done to keep them engaged at all times. Later, after a few years, the company opened its branches in different parts of Poland like Krakow and Warsaw. It even has a branch in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. Unlike any other company, Studio Pigeon offers an entire cycle of animated video production for all business sizes. It even provides services to different industries, including education, advertising, communication, etc.

Animation is nothing new in today’s workload where technological advancement or digitalization has helped people know about everything. People are fully aware of the new marketing methods, and animation is the most liked video production technique has their hearts. From simple cartoons to animated movies and marketing, the 2d animation production company has emerged as one of the best solutions to improve performance. So the next time you want to create brand awareness, count on the various types of animations to get heard in less time.

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