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The best Vastu for an apartment

Vastu is an ancient and scientific system of architecture, design and astronomy that not only considers the movement of heavenly bodies and their effect on humans, but also takes into account the major elements of building to comply with laws of nature. Vastu focuses on what’s best for personal well-being, happiness, and success. 

You might have heard about this practice and wondered if it’s something you would like to try when it comes to your home. Well in this article you’ll find out how to create the best narrow living space by using the principles of Vastu in the layout, without any demolition or reconstruction. One must understand that Vastu Shastra is an absolute science based on tried & tested techniques to bring the best in any space. 


What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science. It uses the attributes of different elements and directions to create balance and harmony in a building. The best Vastu expert for an apartment is one where the main doorway is placed in a positive direction, the bedrooms are decided as per the age and profession of the residents, the kitchen is in the direction of the fire element, and most importantly daylight, sunlight & ventilation enter the house from all possible sides. Not only the structural alignment, but also the internal placement of objects & activities like study desk, colour schemes, books, bar, dustbins etc. are also planned as per rules of Vastu Shastra. 


Pros and Cons of Vastu in Apartment

Vastu is a scientific practice that uses geometry and architecture to create structures with spiritual benefits. The placement and orientation of a building in relation to the natural world affects its inhabitants’ health, wealth, success, and happiness.

Benefits for the Residential Sector

With the continuous rise in stress & work pressure and the increased risk of a major disaster, many people are considering getting back to nature and adopting a lifestyle in accordance with nature. In recent years, more people than ever are opting for a Vastu balanced home. 

There are many benefits of living in a Vastu balanced home including health benefits, peace of mind, relaxed sleep patterns, improved flow of opportunities & wealth etc. 


Applications of Vastu in Apartment

Vastu provides a solution to many of the problems that result from living in an apartment. These problems can include feeling like there is not enough space, lack of privacy, and feeling cramped. 

The placement of doors and windows are important because they provide a medium to let energy enter the premises. If planned in accordance with Vastu, it ensures ample daylight & ventilation which is the most important factor for a harmonious living. The placement of objects inside the home if planned as per Vastu can also help reduce stress levels. It includes simple things such as placing plants, placing positive quotations, happy paintings etc.

Best Vastu Tips for Apartments

  1.   The North-East direction of the apartment should not have any toilet, kitchen or store room. This direction is highly auspicious and any anti element such as a toilet or kitchen or even a dustbin could impact the Vastu of the Apartment.
  2.   The kitchen should be ideally planned towards the South-East direction. Else, give proper Vastu treatment to the kitchen if South-East direction is not available.
  3.   The bedrooms in the apartment must be allotted to the residents as per age and profession.
  4.   The apartment should have ample daylight & ventilation to allow positive vibrations in the space.
  5.   The entrance or main door of the house should not be in the south-west direction.

Vastu Remedies for Apartment without demolition

Due to practical reasons, many of the apartments are not built as per Vastu Shastra. In that case, one can rely on Vastu remedies and managing the interiors as per Vastu Shastra. Consider the following key factors to balance the Vastu of the house are

  1. Plan the interior furniture arrangement i.e., position of beds, study table, etc. as per Vastu Shastra.
  2. Provide Vastu Treatment for the fixed structural elements like toilets or kitchen.
  3. One must choose the colour schemes for the apartment for the walls, upholstery, curtains etc. as per Vastu Shastra.
  4. The direction of placement of objects & activities like mirrors, dustbins, washing machine, bar, books etc. must be planned in accordance with Vastu.  

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