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The Best Places to Get Your Washing Machine Repaired in Dubai

If you live in Dubai, UAE, and your washing machine has broken down, then you’re probably starting to panic. Luckily, there are many companies that specialize in washing machine repair Dubai – but how do you find the right one? Read on to learn more about some of the best places to get your washing machine repaired in Dubai!

Advantages of using a Laundry Shop

A laundromat, also known as a washateria, is one of the best places to get your washing machine repaired in Dubai. One of the advantages is that they usually carry a variety of washing machines and dryers so if yours breaks you will be able to choose another one while you wait for your repairman to arrive.

The waiting times are also generally shorter than at most home appliance repair companies, which means less time with your laundry piles up and more time free for things you enjoy. If you’re interested in having access to drying facilities after cleaning then this is definitely an option for you. GBC Business Group carries many types of laundry equipment ranging from washers and dryers, commercial washers and dryers all the way up to industrial washers and cleaners.

Advantages of using your Warranty

When you buy a new washing machine, you should be given a warranty that lasts for a certain amount of time (sometimes it’s 12 months, sometimes it’s 6 months). If your washing machine develops problems during this period, the company will come and repair the problem for free! They’ll only charge you if it breaks outside of your warranty. GBC Business Group offers quality repairs at an affordable price. This is how they help save money and allow their customers to have peace of mind knowing their appliance is safe and reliable.

Things you should check before buying a new washer

GBC Business Group is a worldwide leader in home appliance repair, including washing machine repair. When you need help getting your appliances up and running again after an appliance breakdown, visit GBC for outstanding service at fair prices.

1) Look for the Energy Star Certification: Appliances with this certification are designed to consume less energy and emit less pollution into the atmosphere. The Government of UAE announced it’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 7% through improving energy efficiency. When buying a new appliance that doesn’t have Energy Star Certification. Consider asking if they plan on pursuing certification soon or are currently designing their product as a more efficient model.

Cleanliness is next to godliness?

Nothing ruins your mood more than a broken washing machine. But don’t worry, there are plenty of places you can go and get it repaired right away. Below is a list of some of the most popular ones that offer excellent service at affordable prices:

1) Rose Appliance Repair Center – this place has been around for almost 50 years and has over 700 satisfied customers on Facebook. They offer a one-time delivery fee, door-to-door service, as well as free installation services for customer’s specific needs.

2) Absolute Appliance Repair – this is a family owned business that does repairs both locally and internationally and also offers free estimation estimates for people looking for professional services.

Tips on how to extend the life of your washing machine.

Even if you’re diligent about routine washing machine maintenance, like keeping the filter clean and checking the pump. There are a few other things you can do that will prolong the life of your appliance. Follow these tips and, who knows? You might not need to replace your machine for several years.

1) Run an occasional load with just water as a sort of cleaning cycle. There’s no need for detergent or fabric softener because they may coat the interior and make it more difficult for fabrics and parts to circulate freely.

Ways To Save On Laundry Costs

Repairing your own washer is a fairly simple and inexpensive process. If you want to do the repair on your own, but aren’t sure how, here are some tips that can help.

The most common repairs people need for their washers include a broken belt or a plugged drain. You can replace either of these pretty easily. Even if you’re new to doing it yourself. For example, changing the belt involves disconnecting three clips and putting on the new one. Plugging up the drain also just takes removing something from under the sink that’s causing blockage. It’s basically as easy as popping off a screen protector from your phone (I bet you never thought about those pesky pieces of dust again after that last sentence).

DIY machines will save you both time and money

There’s no need to hire an expensive repairman when your washing machine goes kaput. There are a variety of DIY options for repairing washers, ranging from household fixes for simple issues like a clogged filter to more complicated repairs that require part replacements. Here are the best places and types of washing machine repairs available in Dubai:

*Diagnose the issue over the phone *Contact a professional service to set up a time and determine what parts are needed. *Call HVAC businesses as well as appliance repair companies and inquire about warranties on their labor. *Take apart, piece by piece, any non-electrical components that can be removed, such as filter screens or plugs and hoses. Make sure you keep all parts organized!

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