The best online farm games


For those who are tired of the city bustle and virtual battles, we have compiled a list of the best farm games on PC, which includes online farms and simulators with active multiplayer.

Village romance awaits you, a measured life away from noisy streets, exciting fuss with animals and a full range of agricultural work, and you will have to fight only with small pests.


At first glance, Stardew Valley is a simple game about how a former office worker suddenly decides to become a farmer. But the coolest thing here is not growing wheat or even selling it, but social interactions.

Hundreds of NPCs live around you, these characters are completely different – from serious entrepreneurs to homeless people, from good-natured smiling villagers to gloomy goth teenagers. If you get to know them better, you will find that each has its own character and its own story, some can teach something, some can help or harm, and with some you can even start a family – it’s more fun to walk into a brighter future together and it’s easier to work on a farm .


Farming Simulator is a well-designed simulator, thanks to which you can experience all the delights of a farmer’s life. At your disposal will be a piece of land on which you need to grow crops, breed animals and take care of them.

Although working in a virtual garden does not cause an ache in the back, you still don’t have to hunchback from morning to night: firstly, you can hire assistants, and secondly, cool modern technology will be at your disposal. After completing the training, you will learn how to manage it and start the path to a successful business .


A hilarious multiplayer strategy the best online farm games , apparently dedicated to running your own farm: you have to plant beds, build factories to process products, trade with your neighbors and team up to create giant cooperatives. Despite the seeming casualness, the game boasts a very thoughtful and deep gameplay that will definitely not let you get bore!


In Farm Together, you can grow from just one small plot to a successful farmer whose holdings stretch far beyond the horizon. Having earned on the sale of your products, you can expand, grow more plants, get more farm animals, and after gaining enough experience, you can open new buildings and decorations unblocked games 66.

The game has access settings, thanks to which you can allow friends to come to visit you.  Help grow your business by independently assigning what and to whom can be done on your territory.


This cute Minecraft -Farmer hybrid is a great way out for those who have always dreamed of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and going to a quiet house in the country, but are not yet ready to take such a desperate step in their real life unblocked games 76 

Starting with a small wreck and an abandoned garden, you can quickly turn your property into an exemplary hacienda with an elegant mansion, a chic orchard, ponds full of fish and a huge paddock with a wide variety of living creatures. Thanks to an interesting storyline and a huge freedom of action, Staxel is equally interesting in multiplayer and solo.

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Big Farm is a free browser based strategy that will show if you have a farming streak. Imagine that one day your life changes dramatically thanks to an uncle who, out of the kindness of his soul, left you a farm. Instead of fussing with documents in a cozy office, you will have to equip chicken coops. And pigsties, sow and reap, look for opportunities to profitably sell your own goods and expand your farm.

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