The best of New Holland Tractors: 3630 TX Plus & 3230 TX Super

Why choose New Holland Tractors?

New Holland Tractors are as old as 125 years in the agri-machinery manufacturing industry. With such a vast experience and expertise in the industry, the tractor brand has been the farmers’ first choice for ages. The tractor brand is present all around the world. Talking about the Indian market, the company has slowly but steadily spread its roots in the country. Now, the New Holland tractor is one of the in-demand & sought-after tractors in the country. New Holland tractor’s price starts as low as Rs. 5.20 Lakhs. In this blog, we will discuss the two demand and popular New Holland tractors, i.e. New Holland 3630 TX Plus and New Holland 3230 TX Super.

Why choose New Holland Tractors?

When you choose New Holland tractors, you are ensured with a significant footprint of the company’s authorized dealers, workshops, and service centres across the country. This ensures a rigid feedback system and, thus, satisfied customers. Furthermore, the tractor brand offers a 5-6 year warranty period on almost all tractor models. Stay tuned for more reasons to buy the best New Holland tractors.

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New Holland 3630 Tx Plus: Specifications & features

This tractor model from New Holland Tractors has the following specifications.

  • New Holland 3630 Tx plus comes with a 3-cylinder, 2991 CC engine that produces 55 HP of rated engine power. This rotates the crankshaft at a rotational speed of 1500 RPM generating a take-off power of 50.7 HP.
  • The water-cooled engine makes the tractor remote-friendly.
  • The inline fuel pump ensures clean combustion in the engine cylinders while taking advantage of high compression ratios.
  • A dry-type air filter ensures clean combustion in engine cylinders and reduces internal wear and tear in the engine cylinders.
  • The New Holland 3630 TX plus has got a gear combination of 8+2/12+3 (CR)/12+3 (UG).
  • This New Holland Tractor model comes with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes ensuring an efficient braking system without much wear and tear.
  • The tractor has got a large fuel tank capacity of 60 litres.
  • The tractor has got power steering which reduces the muscular stress of the driver and significantly reduces the turning radius. This increases its usability in small and medium-scale farms.
  • The tractor has got a single PTO/GSPTO tuned at 540 RPM.
  • New Holland 3630 TX Plus has a wide wheelbase of 2045 mm and a ground clearance of 445 mm. This stabilises the dynamic momentum of the tractor.

The usage of New Holland 3630 in farming operations

The model from New Holland tractors runs at a lower RPM, ensuring greater mileage. This happens as the driver can opt out of changing gears frequently, leading to smoother fuel consumption. The major disadvantage of having lower hydraulic capabilities benefits the tractor by boosting its performance in infield operations. This tractor model is best suited for rough, dry and or muddy field conditions.

New Holland 3230 TX Super: What’s inside?

This tractor from New Holland has the following specifications and features that separate the tractor from the rest of the tractors in the segment.

  • The New Holland 3230 TX Super comes with a 3-cylinder 2500 CC engine that produces 45 HP of rated engine power and 38 HP of take-off power.
  • This rated engine power is utilised to rotate the crankshaft with a rotational velocity of 2000 RPM, which in turn produces 160.7 Newton-Metres of torque.
  • The engine uses an air filter containing an oil bath with a pre-cleaner. This cleans the air utilized in engine combustion to ensure reduced wear and tear in the internal parts of the engine and cleaner combustion in engine cylinders.
  • The water-cooled engine of the New Holland tractor ensures healthy remote functioning of the tractor.
  • The New Holland 3230 TX Super comes with a fully constant mesh 8+2 gearbox combination managed by single/dual-clutch. This ensures a maximum forward speed of 30.81 Kmph and a maximum reverse speed of 11.30 Kmph.
  • The tractor has got real oil-immersed brakes that are energy efficient and prevent wear and tear in the braking system.
  • The take-off power in the tractor has Eptraa- 7-speed control that operates at 540 RPM. 
  • The fuel tank capacity of the tractor is 46 litres.
  • The tractor has a wheelbase of 1920 MM and a ground clearance of 390 MM. Therefore, the tractor has dynamic stability.
  • New Holland 3230 TX super has a lifting capacity of 1800 Kg with ADDC-controlled hydraulics.

How useful is New Holland 3230 Tx Super in farming?

Talking about the infield capabilities of the tractor 3230 Tx super, the tractor absorbs power range at a maximum rotational speed of 2000 RPM. Thus, The tractor has a balance of hydraulic and farming capabilities, i.e. the tractor is good at both in-field and on-road capabilities. The power steering ensures a smaller turning radius that makes the tractor capable of small and medium-scale tractoring.

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Final words

These two New Holland Tractors are best suited for farmers looking for performance tractors in a comparatively medium price range, i.e. 6-10 Lakhs.

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