The 10 easiest dogs to train

Do you want to adopt a dog, but you don’t know which animal to choose? If each dog has its own temperament, know that some breeds are distinguished by their ease in understanding the principles of training taught. This is particularly the case of the golden retriever, the poodle or the labrador. Check out our pick of ten dog breeds that are easy to train

1. The golden retriever

Very popular in France, the golden retriever is one of the easiest dogs to train. Very intelligent, he is also known for his great faculties as an assistance dog for people with disabilities. Of a patient, loyal, sociable and docile character, he easily learns new tasks. As he loves to please his master, he will not hesitate to reproduce the tricks learned so that you will be proud of him! Thanks to all these qualities, it is one of the breeds most loved by children. 

2. The Labrador 

A true star of families, the Labrador is a dog with a great memory. Sweet and affectionate, he is easy to socialize, including as a first companion dog. Qualities that make it an ideal playmate, for toddlers and adults alike. If he has many points in common with the golden retriever, he is on the other hand more energetic. To prevent him from getting bored, you will therefore have to allow him to exert himself daily. 

3. The border collie 

Essentially used as a herding dog, the border collie is an extremely intelligent animal. On the other hand, it is essential to start his training as soon as possible in order to teach him how to channel his overflowing energy. This will also make it possible to socialize him to avoid distrust of strangers. Very active, he will need to be stimulated physically and mentally on a daily basis, at the risk of getting bored and developing stress. To ensure the health of this very active dog, remember to insure him as soon as he arrives at home! Thanks to its dog-cat health insurance, Carrefour Assurance reimburses you for part of the health costs, so that you can take care of your favourite animal with peace of mind.

4. Collies

For families who wish to have a calm, docile and tender dog with children, the collie is an ideal companion! Reactive and energetic, this companion also knows how to concentrate on tasks requiring patience. In order to respond to his sheepdog instincts, he should be given an education combining firmness, gentleness and play. And this, from an early age. His intelligence and his desire to please his master will facilitate this work!

5. The poodle 

Known for its great memory, the Poodle can easily remember tricks it is taught. Their docile, playful and sociable temperament helps in their education. It also allows these animals to adapt to very different personalities, even if they have a more active routine. It is therefore an excellent companion for all members of the family! 

6. Shetland

Originally trained for grazing, the Shetland is of a dynamic, playful temperament, and very faithful to its master or mistress. Thanks to its great intelligence, you will have no difficulty teaching it new tricks.

7. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan 

The cardigan welsh corgi likes to learn and please his master, which facilitates his education. As soon as he arrives in your household, you will need to set strict rules that he must follow throughout his life. Otherwise, he risks having his own way! With consistent, clear-spoken commands, your corgi will still be the most obedient of companions. And that starts with learning to say no.


8. The border terrier 

The border terrier is an intelligent little dog with a very good understanding. Qualities that allow him to quickly memorize the rules to be applied. Due to a marked personality, he must be properly educated from a young age. This learning must be done with firmness and gentleness. If he is well socialized, and you devote enough time to him, this pitbull corgi mix will be obedient and very affectionate with children. 

9. The Papillon Continental Toy Spaniel 

The Papillon Continental Toy Spaniel is one of the most intelligent and obedient dog breeds. He enjoys spending time with his master and learning many tricks alongside him. Thanks to his versatile personality, he adapts to very different characters and lifestyles. With good socialization, this dog is especially an excellent companion for children. 

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10. The Australian Shepherd 

The Australian Shepherd is a dog with remarkable cognitive abilities and memory. Easy to educate, he likes to please his master, and learn new tasks. If his education is easy, it nevertheless requires a lot of patience and time! 

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