The 04 best MOBA games

The following are the 04 best MOBA games of 2022


Demigod skillfully combines RTS and RPG genres. Players will take control of local demigods, which are divided into two camps: generals and assassins. The former lead an army of units, while the latter act independently, but they are much stronger.

The gameplay is standard for the genre: choose a hero and go to the arena to destroy opponents and the enemy base, pumping character characteristics along the way and buying new equipment. There are 4 modes available: Conquest, Dominion (similar to Capture the Flag), Total Destruction and Fortress .


Mushroom Wars stands out in our selection, but it fits the description of a MOBA (i.e. a combination of strategy, tactics and economics). The player will go to the Mushroom Kingdom, where small mushrooms are waging an endless war among themselves. They have united in factions and are trying to crush the fortresses of rivals, in which you will help them.

The player will have to send units from one base to another, thus capturing it, and also take care of protecting their possessions. Battles last 5 minutes, but they are full of action, so the gamer will not get bored for a second. Cute -looking game throws a real challenge to strategists.


Some of the MOBAs listed above are available on both PC and consoles, but none play on mobile devices. It would seem that this platform is not suitable for this genre at all: too many interactions, too fast a reaction is needed. But the developers from Super Evil Megacorp decided otherwise and proved to the whole world that a mobile MOBA is possible, and our top MOBA games would be incomplete without it.

The name of this game is Vainglory, and it has existed since 2014 on iOS and Android, and in 2018 received a client on PC. Of course, the scale in it is not the same as in large projects: fewer characters and abilities, a smaller map, less match time. However, within the narrow confines of a smartphone or tablet , it feels like a full-blown MOBA with its own unique style and… well, you have to admit, the gameplay is not that unique, but quite entertaining. Just one line and a common “forest” makes Vainglory one of the most dynamic car parking games unblocked in the genre.

Unfortunately, the client on the PC is no longer available

Most importantly, however, Vainglory is the first esports discipline on a mobile platform. Yes, the tournaments are not so widely publicized and do not bring much money to the winners, but the very fact of the existence of an official tournament deserves respect.

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Multi-stage MOBA ported to PC from cell phones. Connected with this is the fundamental gameplay component of Dungeon Hunter Champions, which will positively speak to the laziest gamers – programmed fights. Obviously, you can manage without it in the event that you like the unending tedious drudgery.

The hero is a summoner, equipped for calling Champions to take part in the Eternal Competition. Altogether, Dungeon Hunter Champions has multiple hundred bosses – novel legends with their own arrangement of abilities. Fights can occur both against different players in the 5×5 or 25×25 arrangement, and against assault managers in parking games unblocked.


Snowstorm wouldn’t be Blizzard in the event that they didn’t attempt to break into the MOBA market. Characters from every one of the game universes of the organization, from the old Lost Vikings to Overwatch, started to show up in another world for them called the Nexus (which, incidentally, deciphers as “combination”).

It was chose to differentiate the gameplay with different undertakings: gather here, initiate there, call that, set it on adversaries. Thus that players are not occupy from these significant issues by counting experience, assets are convey similarly among everybody. Genuine socialism!

Legends of the Storm is maybe the most under-got online Blizz project. We are discussing the players, the designers are attempting, however their partners from the adjoining division on the mountain made Overwatch for them. As of late, characters and cards from this game have been showing up in HoTS to redirect the consideration of players a little. Nonetheless, the inquiry remains, which is better: changing and working on one card or riveting new ones? Snowstorm loves content in its most perfect structure and that is the reason they pick the last option. They do it competently, for which they get a high spot in the rundown … however, not the most noteworthy. In any case, experience shows that players like to work on inside and out, not in broadness.





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