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Taste Delightful Dishes At Your Best Chinese Restaurant

The best part of traveling to northeast India is its cuisine and the variety that they have to offer with regards to the same. You will get to taste all sorts of cuisine, including Indian, Chinese, Nepalese, and Bhutanese, among others. The local cuisine of the northeast is also well known for its authenticity and you will certainly find them refined and very much unique.

The more popularized form of cuisine in recent times is Indo-Chinese cuisine, which combines the flavors of both India and China. Indo-Chinese cuisine available at the best Chinese restaurant in Siliguri is truly mouthwatering and they will make sure that you come back for more. These are mouthwatering delicacies that will give you a glimpse of heaven through your palate.

Let us now have a look at the delightful dishes that are available at these Chinese restaurants, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, India and China, combined together in a single meal:


Soup in varied forms is available in these restaurants, which may include coriander soup and lemon soup, and soups with various other assortments. These soups may be very completely vegetarian or may include non-veg components such as chicken, fish, or even prawn.

Hakka noodle

These noodles are enormously popular in both restaurants as well as Indian households, and are a favorite with children hakka noodles may be veg, egg, chicken hakka noodles, or even a mixed one combined of vegetarian elements like beans, onion, garlic, capsicum, carrots, egg, chicken, and prawn.


Steamed or fried momos are mouthwatering delicacies that few can avoid and they are available in abundance in the Northeast, in varied flavors. They can be stuffed with vegetables, chicken, fish, mushroom, or other ingredients and served to the guests with a clear soup and an assortment of sauces.


The origin of this rich soup is Nepal and Bhutan and it is a wholesome meal above all. This dish comprises soup and various other ingredients in combination with noodles. Thukpa can be veg, chicken, prawn, or of other flavors and assortments.


This is a dish that is popular, and highly bahçeşehir escort popularized all over the globe including America, Canada and India. This dish comprises mainly of vegetables. However, non-vegetarian elements such as chicken, pork, or beef are added occasionally as well. It is cooked quickly and served alongside rice or noodles as a combined dish.

Spiced-up Non-vegetarian Dishes

What is India without spices? India is referred to as the land of spices. However, China is not far behind with its extremely hot spicy food. There are different dishes like pepper garlic chicken, chili fish, pork, or even beef coated with a generous sprinkling of spices and herbs and transformed into a completely new and rich taste that gives your taste buds a wholesome experience overall.

Good food always makes your heart happy apart from your stomach. The best Chinese restaurants in Siliguri aim to do just that. The wide range of dishes available is truly enthralling to the tourists.

There is so much more left to explore when it comes to Indo-Chinese cuisine and fusion dishes. These aforementioned dishes, only brief a few of them, however, with regards to cooking techniques and contribution to the culinary world. These dishes have made a mark for themselves and promoted the amalgamation of different cultures above all.

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