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Take Control of Occasional Stress with Kava for Anxiety and Other Tips

There are a lot of ways your day doesn’t turn out as planned. A project gets dropped on you at the last minute. Traffic is backed up. You couldn’t find everything you needed at the store. An event you’ve been looking forward to goes poorly. The list goes on. No matter the situation, though, you’re left feeling on edge. Things are getting on your nerves, and feelings of anxiety are building. But you don’t have to let this occasional stress take over. Kava for anxiety can help you make it through.

Occasional feelings of anxiety don’t have to be a distraction, and they don’t have to define the rest of your day or week. There are small things you can do to take control of the feelings of stress everyone deals with from time to time. It doesn’t matter where the stress is coming from, you have the power to manage it! You’re in control of how you respond to this type of intermittent stress. From trying kava for anxiety to using meditation apps, here are a few tips to help you take control.

Take a Moment and Consider Your Options

First things first—it’s important to identify what’s triggering your nerves. Is it that project that was suddenly assigned to you? Is it the big date you have coming up tonight? When you feel nerves coming on, one of the best things you can do is to take a moment to find the source. When you know what’s causing this particular bout of stress, that’s when you can start looking at options on how to manage the situation.

Let’s say you were given a big project at work and you have two days to complete it. But from your professional point of view, it needs far more than two days to be done properly. You can either let the stress of the moment slow you down, or you can do something about it. An easy solution is to try kava for anxiety and other forms of occasional stress. The compounds in kava can help you feel calm and clear-headed. You can also use a meditation app for a few minutes. Could you ask for help or delegate parts of the project? Look at all your options and take action.

Why Kava for Anxiety?

We all deal with occasional stress and anxiety. Sometimes it comes and goes relatively quickly. Sometimes it lasts longer than we’d like. Turning to kava for anxiety gives you a powerful option when alleviating this occasional stress. Because kava contains compounds that interact with your brain, it offers a calm you feel from within. It can help you find focus and think a little more clearly.

When you feel calmer and can think more clearly, it can be easier to look at your stress or anxiety objectively. In a sense, kava for anxiety is really kava for perspective. As the kava helps calm your nerves and you start to gain perspective, it can become easier to move forward. Suddenly, that big project feels a little more manageable.

What Else Can You Do?

We’re all built differently. That includes how we best manage moments of stress, anxiety, or nerves. For some, grabbing kava for anxiety can be a huge help. Others may need to supplement this or try other methods of stress control. Meditation apps have become a popular option for many people (plus, meditation goes very well with kava!). Meditation apps can guide you through breathing exercises or meditative routines. The best apps come with a ton of options, so if one method doesn’t work, there are several more to try.

Another mental exercise you can try is removing yourself from the situation. When you return to the unexpected “big project,” getting control of your stress may be as simple as taking a break. It can mean going for a 20-minute walk or a leisurely bike ride. It could mean sitting in the sun for a while. Or even taking a shower. Be open to trying different strategies to find what works for you. Because when you find what works for you, then you’re truly in control.

About Botanic Tonics

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