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  • BusinessLaser dicing

    Advantages and Challenges of Laser Dicing

    Laser dicing is a cutting process that uses a highly concentrated laser instead of blades. It removes material from a wafer by directing the beam at the wafer’s surface and cutting along a scribed pattern. This process also uses water to cool the substrate to prevent thermal damage and particle contamination. This process is becoming increasingly popular in semiconductor manufacturing.…

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  • BusinessWafer backgrinding

    Wafer Backgrinding and Its Benefits

    This article describes the fundamental concepts of wafer backgrinding. It discusses the various processes required for back grinding, including optical detection systems that can detect defects on nonpatterned wafers. Additionally, the article describes the advanced technologies needed to perform wafer grinding. Finally, the article describes the benefits of back grinding. Its advantages are not limited to increased efficiency, but also…

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