• TechGreen Hydrogen and Gas Turbines

    Green Hydrogen and Gas Turbines: An Overview

    At the time of writing, after nearly a decade of media blitz and hype, even laypeople are well-versed in hydrogen colors and the wonders they can perform in decarbonizing global economies such as electric power generation, transportation, and the industrial sector (e.g., cement and steel-making). This article focuses solely on utility or grid-scale electric power generation using gas turbines that…

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  • Productshow-generators-produce-electricity

    How Generators Produce Electricity?

    We often hear people saying to get a generators so you do not have to deal w威而鋼 ith darkness amidst a blackout. It will produce the electricity and you will not have to sit free. Have you ever considered how faulty this concept is? Not in terms of sitting idle, but the generator producing electricity. That is because they do…

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