• AutomotiveWhy Are Japanese Mini Trucks So Popular

    Why Are Japanese Mini Trucks So Popular?

    The micro truck, commonly known as mini truck or Japanese Kei truck (globally), is famous throughout East Asia and Japan for both personal and commercial use. Japanese Kei trucks are commonly available in four-wheel and rear-wheel drive. This makes them fit for several uses, situations, and environments. Moreover, they are small enough to fit easily on narrow roads. In addition,…

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  • Business

    Moving to the USA with a Ford Flatbed Truck

    For people living in USA, one of the most difficult things to do is. After floods strike is to get their cars out of the affected area. Their insurance won’t cover it since it’s a natural disaster. And they can’t afford to wait until the area dries out. So, they resort to using their trucks. which can be an extremely…

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