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Surgeries You Can Support with Your Donations


Recent advancements in the field of the medical and surgical world mean patients have a better chance of defeating certain diseases and ailments. The complex surgical procedures one could not have dreamed of 100 years ago save millions of lives worldwide. Of course, one cannot thank the researchers enough for their work in the lab. But the cost of these surgical procedures makes them a little out of reach for people below the poverty line. As a result, underprivileged patients who suffer from fatal diseases often have to keep searching for any sources of help that they can rely on. Sometimes, the search goes in vain, and they depart from this world with hope still dancing in their eyes.

But thanks to different charities, welfare organizations, and generous individuals, some patients find the means to fund their surgical treatment. In this discussion, we will discuss five surgeries you can support with donations. So, if you have caught the giving bug recently, you have landed on the right page.

Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgeries treat cardiac problems such as heart failure, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, aneurysms, and certain other diseases of similar nature. During open-heart surgery, cuts are made through the breastbone, which spreads to the rib cage; the idea is to access the heart. Some of the common open-heart surgeries are CABG, heart transplantation, and replacement of one of the defective heart valves. While there is no doubt that it is one of the most effective processes for saving a heart patient’s life, the procedure is undoubtedly costly. Moreover, it is not within reach of every patient, so charities and organizations collect funds to make treatment possible for such underprivileged patients. So, it is one of those surgical procedures you can donate to in the coming days with your Dhul Hijjah donations.

Kidney Transplant

The objective of a kidney transplant is to transfer a healthy kidney obtained from a living or deceased donor to a person whose kidneys no longer function. Kidney transplants on one of the most common surgical procedures; however, they are costly as well. So, you can donate to a charity that funds kidney transplant treatment for underprivileged patients. Could there be a better use for your Dhul Hijjah donation?

Cochlear Implant

Many among us cannot enjoy the chirping of birds and the many other sounds this world is abuzz with. Cochlear implants make it possible for people with hearing difficulties to hear and listen to the voices of the world again. Fund an underprivileged patient’s cochlear implant treatment via a trustworthy trust organization like Transparent Hands with your Christmas donations this year!  

Lung Transplant

Lung transplants have an excellent survival rate, so you can also consider donating to them this year.

Bone Marrow Transplant

A stem cell treatment that can end a patient’s misery and pain, bone marrow transplants are quite an expensive surgical treatment. Hence, you can donate to this surgical treatment as well.


Dhul Hijjah donations, Christmas donations. Or any other donation that you can think of. These charities are a perfect way of contributing to someone’s medical treatments. But, you must rethink if you feel your donation size is insufficient to fund any of these surgical treatments. Imagine one hundred donors like you contributing to the same campaign or cause. It is the novel concept of crowdfunding that has revolutionized the idea of charity completely. So, on an optimistic note that you will donate more than ever to save a few lives and spread smiles on some faces; we bid you farewell from this space for now.

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