Strategies For A Quiet Move

One month before the move

The quotes are signed, you have probably just received the boxes, or it should be soon. You can start packing off-season items, sorting the cellar or the attic…
It’s also time to carry out the International movers company in Dubai  inherent in your change of address:

With the tax administration: we recommend that you start with this because the Public Service site allows you, in one operation, to inform several entities of your change of address. From the Social Security fund to the pension fund, but also certain energy suppliers, the tax and car registration service, you will save a lot of time by going through this service!

Your insurance: In particular, inform your home insurer of your new address to obtain a new contract, an insurance certificate will be necessary for the signing of a rental lease.

Notify the water, energy and internet suppliers, in order to take a meter reading when you leave, and to transfer subscriptions if necessary.

This is also the time to start packing boxes, to sort out, to also consider renting a storage box if your future home does not allow you to accommodate all your furniture, especially garden furniture.
Well-made and well-organized boxes are the key to a smooth move and move-in.

Do not overload them (watch out for books for example) and make sure to organize them by theme or by room so that unpacking is not a real headache! Don’t hesitate to clearly note the content and of course the destination piece on it.

In some large cities, you have the option of reserving parking spaces with the town hall or the borough hall. You therefore ensure that you can park the truck and cars as close as possible to your door. And this for both moving and moving in.

This service is free, and the town hall will provide you, a few days before the date indicated to it, with signs prohibiting parking and the appropriate municipal decree allowing you to assert your rights in the event of a dispute. This process can also be provided by the mover.

Fifteen days before the move

The countdown has really started! there isn’t much left to do, just make sure everything is on track!
It’s time to sort out the final logistical details, like making sure you have a day off on D-Day, possibly babysitting, and pets.
Also remember to follow up with your friends if you are doing the move yourself to make sure they are there. Do not forget to have opened with the water, electricity and gas or internet suppliers, the necessary contracts when you move in.

The main boxes are finished, donate or throw away what you don’t want to keep. Call on associations to come and remove furniture or household appliances in good condition that you do not want to keep directly from your home. They will be valued, recycled or donated. For the rest, a few trips to the recycling center to clear the way.

Also start warning your neighbors by posting small notes or by slipping them into mailboxes to inform them and possibly invite them to make their arrangements if you have to monopolize the elevator or park a vehicle in front of garages.

Or simply warn them of potential noise and comings and goings. And why not also thank them for their good neighbours, say goodbye to them and organize a little farewell party! This also applies to your new home. It is always better to warn in advance than to have to apologize or to start a good neighborly relationship with complaints.

The last week before the move, remove wall decorations, curtains and hanging lights. Also remember to defrost the fridge and freezer as well as drain the washing and drying appliances.

D-Day of the move

If you use professional movers, take care the day before or before their arrival to clear access: boxes in the doors, clear stairs… Group the boxes as well as possible, by room for example. In the morning also check that parking spaces are available. If you have requested it from your municipality and the ban has not been respected, you can call on the services of the pound.
If you are doing the move yourself, arrange to load the household appliances and furniture first, and fill the empty spaces in the truck with boxes.
The best for you is to be present during loading and unloading! If you can’t provide both, ask someone you trust to be there for the loading. Unloading is a crucial moment because you will guide the movers, check that everything is going well. Do not hesitate to check each large part quickly, in order to indicate it on the consignment note. Quickly recount the boxes (which you will ideally have taken care to number).

The carrier will present his roadmap to you at the end, you can affix the words “subject to unpacking”, as well as any remarks that you deem necessary in the event of damage: scratched parquet, impact on the walls and doors…. Don’t be afraid to be specific, and don’t forget to take pictures.

And now… ? Place to rest, the unpacking of the boxes will wait for the next day!

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