Start a Successful Online Grocery App like Grofers? How Does Grofers Revenue and Business Model Work?

Online Grocery App

Online grocery has become a niche market due to the COVID-19 distribution. Grofers is a popular app that allows customers to order groceries and other essentials from their homes. Online grocery delivery has become increasingly popular due to the essential items.

According to the eMarketer report, the online market grew faster than expected in 2020. The pandemic caused tens of millions of people to become online buyers and purchase everything online.

After the pandemic, more shoppers are looking for safe and convenient ways to purchase essential groceries. Thanks to the increasing number of grocery stores that offer delivery and pickup options, customers can order groceries online with ease.

Grofers Success Timeline and History to Check Out!

Grofers is an Indian online grocery delivery service. It was established in 2013. Gurgaon is home to the m-Commerce marketplace you use for your daily shopping. In 2018, the company raised $535.5million. The leading investor was SoftBank, with 200 million. Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global also made investments in Grofers.

Grofers allows users to order groceries at their preferred store and deliver them in minutes. Grofers is an app that allows customers to order bakery products, pet care and baby care, and fruits and vegetables. Every essential can be ordered immediately or scheduled for later, depending on your convenience.

Grofers, an Indian grocery delivery company, had a comparative market share of 2% by 2020. Grofers has seen a significant increase in market share. In 2018, the largest grocery startup had 53.4 Crores. Grofers follows a unique business model that guarantees business growth and success.

Many grocery stores are now investing in an all-in-one delivery solution to increase their eCommerce market success. Digital solutions’ easy-to-use interface allows you to address all of your customers and business needs. It allows you to provide exceptional customer service whenever customers want. Let’s take a look at Grofers’ funding history.

Grofers is an expert in express delivery of groceries and has developed dark stores in many cities. Grofers, a grocery delivery app, reported that it delivered around 7000 groceries to Gurgaon in fifteen minutes. It later offered a delivery within 10 minutes in 12 cities. It made it easier for delivery giants to claim a special place in people’s hearts.

A Quick Overview of Grofers Success Timeline

Founded Year: December 2013.

Headquarters: Gurugram (India)

Founding(s): Saurabh K and Albinder Dhindsa

Services: Online shopping

Revenue: 2,289.2 Crore in FY20

Employees: 2000+ (As of 2021

Parent: Grofers International Pvt Ltd

Number Of Grofers App Downloads: 22.7 Million downloads

Number Grofers Partner Shops: 5,00

Grofers are now operational in 27 City

Grofers Apps: iPhone | Android

Grofers Business Model – How Does the Grocery Delivery System Work?

With 43% of shoppers ordering groceries online within the past six months, online delivery and grocery ordering have seen a surge in popularity during a pandemic. The top three reasons consumers switched to online grocery shopping were convenience (62%), cost savings (42%), COVID-19 concerns (62%), and time savings (42%). Around 66% of online shoppers agreed that it is essential to have real-time inventory visibility.

Grofers, a grocery delivery app, focuses on providing the best customer service. It makes it easier for Bigbasket or Amazon to survive. Grofers is eager to merge with BigBasket. They have an ordinary investor in TigerGlobal, but there are great possibilities that Flipcart could acquire the company.

Grofers have helped many shoppers become first-time grocery shoppers during pandemics. However, they are now more comfortable and confident about their shopping experience. Grofers has seen a significant change in its business model over recent years.

Grover’s business model is primarily composed of three components:

  • Groceries in your area
  • Users/ Shoppers
  • Delivery provider

Grofers’ hyperlocal delivery model helps them stay competitive in today’s market. Grofers’ business model has three components that allow the company to make significant profits. Grofers recently made minor adjustments to its business model to provide the best customer experience.

Grofers Business Model Updates – What Can Be Measured?

Grofers did not achieve the desired results at the beginning. Grofers was unable to achieve the desired results due to low financing. The platform changed its business model to an inventory-based model to ensure its success. It was a shift from a hyperlocal delivery company. Grofers’ failure to succeed in hyper-local delivery was a few key reasons.

Grofers app is a local supply chain app that can be unpredictable and unique. It makes it difficult for customers to trust the platform.

Grofers is competing with Amazon and BigBasket. Many others follow an inventory model, making it difficult for others to survive in a highly competitive market.

Unsatisfactory quality from local vendors led to unhappy customers.

Due to its business model, online grocery ordering and delivery platforms face many problems and losses. Grofers has a new model to help the company quickly make significant profits and get more customers. Grofers added a few twists to its business model, increasing its profit and customer base. The new Grofers business model is made up of three components:

  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Delivery providers

Grofers Inventory Based Business Model: What it Does?

The business model of Grofers has also been changed to a large extent. Grofers’ hyperlocal business model allows customers to place orders directly at local stores. Grofers’ inventory-based business model allows customers to place orders from local stores and receive products directly from the warehouse. It ensures that customers get the highest quality products every time.

It is the inventory-based Grofers business process:

  • Shoppers/customers can place orders via app or website
  • Grofers receives the product and inspects it for quality to ensure customers get high-quality products.
  • The delivery executive collects the order and hands it over to the delivery provider.
  • The delivery company then delivers the product to the customers’ homes.

Grofers’ inventory-based business model helps it grow its market share in the online grocery order and delivery space. Grofers is not immune to competition, but the company still manages to make its mark in the online grocery delivery market.

Grofers can control the delivery process and guarantee the best grocery delivery service for all customers. Grover’s new business model has shown promising results. You can also keep this model central to your grocery ordering and delivery solutions.

Grofers Revenue Model: How Grocery Delivery Providers Make Money

Grofers’ inventory-based model allows the company to provide its customers with the best possible delivery experience. It involves technology and partners as well as alliance partners. The delivery platform and grocery order allow quick access to thousands of products.

Grofers stores all products in its warehouse. Grofers has an infrastructure that connects and delivers the best product to customers.

Each order placed on the company’s platform is charged 8 to 15% by delivery partners. This number is indicative of the active participation of grocery delivery companies in the online ordering market.

What’s the purpose of an app like Grofers?

Grofers is an excellent option for investors to profit in the online grocery ordering and delivery business. White Label Fox offers ready-to-use solutions. The digital delivery platform integrates all the essential features and modules to help you automate your business operations and scale them up. You can take advantage of many M-Commerce benefits by developing a digital platform similar in design to Grofers.

  • It allows you to access your customers quickly.
  • You can send instant notifications with this app.
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Customers should be satisfied.
  • Cultivate customer loyalty.

You can also leverage many other benefits by developing an app similar in design to Grofers. We can help you if you are looking to give your business a digital edge or have an idea for an app. Feel free to contact us for development costs, features included, and more at

Get your Grocery Business Online With App Like Grofers

Grofers is leading India’s online grocery industry. Therefore, developing an app similar can offer you many opportunities. Lucrative Grofers’ revenue and business models can help you achieve your goals. However, it is essential to find the right tech partner who can fully understand your market and provide you with the best solutions.

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