Some Thoughts On Practising Board Printing For Media

Have you ever heard about the success story of a business? Are you aware of the reasons for the success? The success of any business is dependent on the timely production of goods as well as financial management and top-quality site foamex board methods.

What Exactly Is Foamex?

Foamex is another preferred option for graphic substrates. A Foamex is, in essence, a PVC foam board that is compressed to make a solid, sturdy plastic sheet.

Foamex is typically available in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm, however, there are different thicknesses to choose from.

Foamex is able to be attached to modular frameworks using a variety of methods. Such as magnetic strips, double-sided tape as well as Velcro is the most popular way of doing it.

A Closer Look

Foamex is a well-liked option for a substrate due to the fact that although it’s extremely rigid, its construction from foam, it is surprisingly light in comparison to wooden alternatives that are frequently used to construct custom-designed display cases.

Also, Foamex is also endlessly versatile. It comes in a wide range of colours and can be cut to make specific shapes that give your display a custom appearance as well as feel. Additionally, is it waterproof, meaning that it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor displays? A definite plus!

The area where printed Foamex does not perform as well as the other substrates is in transportation. Because of its stiffness, Foamex panels cannot be folded or rolled and are quite heavy in moving. When the Foamex panels are needed to display large amounts of information the use of a larger vehicle is required for transporting the artwork.

When Should You Apply Foamex?

Foamex is an excellent option for making display structures that aren’t just robust and sturdy yet also light at the same while being light. Like tension fabric Foamex is also attractive and easy to join to the frame, which makes an ideal display that can be constructed in a short time.

3mm Foamex

Because 3mm Foamex is just brimming over with potential, it could be used to make modular displays with intriguing looks and forms. The smaller sizes, particularly the 3mm Foamex can be bent on the frameworks that are curved in order to make interesting curves. provide your modular display with an extra visual appeal.

The first of our series of guides to graphic substrates. It’s clear that all of the three substrates described have advantages and uses that, while identical in some instances, are a fantastic option for a substrate in their distinct ways. In the second volume, we’ll take a look at some less well-known but equally great substrates that are suitable to create modular displays.

If you’re seeking different ways to promote your products and services The foamex printing business is to help. In this article, we’ll provide a few of the distinctive kinds of advertising media which will increase the exposure of your company’s brand and draw customers towards your business:

Exposition Foamex Panels:

There are trade shows and fairs to show your services and products to a wide range of people in a short duration. If you are looking to draw many people and turn them into potential customers, the scheme panels are the most effective. The panels can be customised to be small or large sheets of any size or colour to meet your needs.

Frames Of Social Media:

In the world of online social media, it is an integral part of marketing. Alongside spreading information to the world via a digital medium, you can also use the foamex sign and print on boards to create custom frames for any occasion.

You can use them for building advertising boards or props for different corporate events, as well as interactive brochures, flyers, and leaflets for promoting your services and products.

Standees And Cut-Outs:

Are you looking for a life-sized, like a real standee? One of the advantages of board printing is that it allows you to get various types of cut-outs as well as standees cut to any shape, it could be of a person or thing, or even the alphabet to show off your theme.

These kinds of standees and cut-outs are typically employed for events that are creative and corporate launches. Take a look at Foamex Printing’s website to get an idea.

Custom Shapes:

Be it an official business card or a designer display panel for printing, Foamex sheets can be customised to any shape you want with ease. Available in 3mm, 5mm as well as 10mm printed Foamex and coloured sheets and boards are able to be cut to any size and design to meet your needs for marketing.

If you’re looking to provide unique prints to customers or have your business card designed and printed, then Foamex is the right choice for you.

Construction Hoarding:

If construction work in any location starts one of the most crucial guidelines is to erect hoardings for construction at the location that acts as an informational and advertising technique for viewers.

If you’re contemplating building something or anything. Then you need to make use of Foamex boards because they are affluent and weatherproof. They can provide the necessary information in a concise and concise manner, and be able to hold up even in the most severe weather conditions.

These are the most commonly employed advertising methods for print media that come with their advantages and ease of use.

A Short Guide To Product Customisation

We receive a lot of questions about how products can be customised. Here is a quick overview of how we typically customise:

Cones –

The cones can be personalised by embossing them. They can be engraved with whatever you want, such as your company’s logo, name, contact information, etc. Along with getting the cones embossed, it can also be possible to have cone sleeves customised.

Prints can be made to virtually any design and in any colour that meets the requirements of the customer. The plastic top that is coloured can be found in Highway blue, orange-yellow, and green. However, it can be made in any colour, with a minimum requirement of 400 pieces.

Avalon Barrier –

They are also embossed. They are usually embossed with the company’s name, but they can also be embossed with whatever is needed. The plate is made with the design that has been confirmed and placed on a piece that is at the base of the bar (470x80mm) and this is the area where your embossing should be set.

A sticker may be affixed to the wall in the event that it is desired. In the Avalon Barrier, there is an area for signs to be hung on, and 1.4mm PVC (or 3mm) foamex can be used for the sign material.

Sign Faces – There are a variety of applications where custom-designed sign faces are required. Examples include:

  •         Company Promotions
  •         A Temporary Website Works Address
  •         Site Contacts
  •         Parties
  •         Directions

A zinc sign face is produced. It can be made in any of 3 sizes: 1050×750, 1050×450, or 600×450. The signs can also be found in various shades such as blue background, with text in white Red background, with text in white background with text in the black or yellow backdrop with text in black.

A decision that is up to the client on what they want the design of the sign to be. It is crucial to remember that when an item is to be custom-made. Then there might be a slight delay on the day of delivery. It will depend on the number of items you need. There is also a minimum order quantity on some of the customised products that are listed in the product description/specification.

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